My Birth Story

Today I am sharing my birth story of my son Caleb in partnership with Huggies Little Snugglers at Sam’s Club. The story of his birth is near to my heart and I greatly appreciate them sponsoring this story today.

I often share about my journey as a mother.  It has been one full of love, laughter, tears, bumps and bruises.  But I have learned that you really can only be just so prepared.  When I found out I was pregnant with my fourth, I had very mixed emotions.  My husband was elated and the children, well let’s just say that excited is an understatement!  All of their excitement helped me daily keep in my emotions in check.


My pregnancies are far from the norm.  I take a not so fun concoction of hormones and steroids to help the babies develop, as I don’t make enough for them to develop on my own.  And I get the privilege of daily or twice daily injections due to a blood disorder.  The combination is not fun and equates to severe nauseous and plenty of doctor’s visits.

By my third trimester, the baby was being monitored more.  I was experiencing regular contractions but that was normal for me and had spent quite a few nights in the hospital for testing and observation.  During my 34th week, my contractions started to become more frequent and much more intense when I was on my feet.  Just before my 36th week was to begin I was put on the fetal monitors for two hours for the baby to be observed.  During this monitoring, his heart rate had a few very, very low dips.  I was admitted into the hospital for further monitoring.  I wanted what was best for my little bean but also had three other children to care for.  Each time I was admitted made it slightly more difficult but this time I wouldn’t be leaving without having our little guy.

Our Birth Story CalebAfter being monitored through the night, having constant contractions about every 11 minutes apart and a few more dips in his heart rate, it was determined I would be induced.  I had to be induced with my second and third for similar reasons so this wasn’t new.  My husband was waiting for the news before making the 2 1/2 hour trip.  After a few calls to let my family know what was going to happen, I was ready to be taken to prep to be induced.  This wasn’t my first time but it was my first time to be alone while they prepared.

The nurses were prepped with my history of quick labors and complications.  My doctor came in about 8am but they were having iv issues so he said he would return shortly.  This was my first time after having three children that I had decided I wanted to have an epidural.  After them giving me the run down of the risks involved they also said they would return.  Knowing my history of fast moving labors once my water is broken, I was slightly they wouldn’t make it backs in time.

My doctor made it back and my water was broken about 9:20am. I was praying my husband would make it in time. Shortly after my water was broken I was given an epidural. It was my first time after having three children and I truly did not regret it at any moment. My children arrived with a dear loved one and I was able to kiss them all and reassure them they would be able to see their baby soon. My heart was settled seeing my babies.

In my experience with my epidural it didn’t take the pain away, but it did make it so much easier to manage. My husband arrived about 10:45am while the nurses were in and out of the room casually. About 15 minutes later my sisters and father arrived. I was able to chat with them all for a few minutes and then I called the nurses with intense pressure. I was quickly checked and the nurses hurried around faster than I had seen all morning. They called for the doctor and told me whatever I did, DO NOT PUSH. Easier said than done when you are starting to crown. I practiced my deep breathing as my husband squeezed my hand. While my doctor didn’t make it to deliver me, I couldn’t have been more relieved to see his associate who was in the labor wing. Those ten minutes felt like an eternity.

Two quick, hard pushes and he was out. First with just little whimpers and my heart ached. He was just 36 weeks that day, would his lungs be strong enough or would he need help? Very soon his little whimpers were loud screams. After a quick wipe, he was placed skin to skin. My little man had arrived safely and was perfect. He was my biggest baby weighing in at a whopping 6lbs 8ozs and 19 1/2″. If he had been able to continue to grow he would have been one big boy!

Fast forward six months later and my little bean has turned into a thriving healthy, happy baby boy. He is loved by his older brother and both big sisters more than I imagined. They love to see his eyes open in the morning and to make him smile, to giggle and laugh. They love to hug him and shower him with kisses.

huggies diapers

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