My Little Man is Growing Up!

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When my first child was born, I had no idea exactly how much it pull at my heart strings. We had a rather tough time making it through the long labor and finally speedy delivery. There were touch and go moments, and although I didn’t get to hold him in my arms right away, as I had imagined, from the moment I laid eyes on my little fighter I fell so deeply and utterly in love. I was now a firm believer in love at first sight. He stole my heart much faster than his daddy ever could have.

Fast forward seven years later and he had turned into such a strong and caring guy. He is tender and kind. Protective and strong. He is part of what makes my world go round.

When Austin found out he was going to be having a baby brother, he was so happy. He loves his sisters unconditionally. And even though he said he didn’t care either way, as long as mom and the baby was fine, he was EXCITED he would soon have a little brother to share things with. The girls often have had matching girl shirts or big sister/little sister shirts and Austin was finally going to be able to have the same with his little brother.

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Recently it seems that Austin has hit another growth spurt overnight and no longer fits so many pieces of clothing. Seriously, how does something fit seemingly fine one day and not the next? Although it is still the heat of summer, I don’t have that much time left before our caboose makes his arrival so I have been trying to cross a few things off my to-do lists each week. One of the recent items crossed off my list was to shop for fall pieces for Austin. How is it that he is now in at least a size 8?

He has officially moved past the little kid section. And we were so excited to see that Carter’s now is offering their comfy clothing in a size 8! I was shopping for baby Caleb and Austin had a great time finding modern pieces he loved in size 8; it wasn’t difficult. Clearly we were not the only ones excited that they were expanding their sizes, some of the colorful shirts he picked out they had to go find his size for us in the back.

Austin Carters 8isGreat Campaign IC AD-2I normally wouldn’t have asked unless it was something I really loved, but in this case, Austin had found a couple of cute matching tees for him and his brother he just thought they had to have! He can’t wait for them both to wear their “Seriously Handsome” tees this fall/winter. He didn’t have a hard time picking out comfy fresh pieces that he knew he would enjoy wearing.

Every little one wants to be a part of the fun that comes along with back-to-school season. Carter’s is making it easy on Moms by providing an extensive assortment of easy outfit sets, coordinated collections and ready-to-play shorts and tees for babies and now even big kids! Okay, we love Carter’s for their quality but also for their value. Be sure to click on the coupon below to get extra savings on the great deals for fall!

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