Natural Cough Remedies from Zarbee’s Naturals

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

We often welcome the cooler temperatures that come with fall and winter after the long heat of summer.  Most of us love certain things about winter such as the beauty of the first (or tenth) snowfall…


The fun of making snowmen…hot chocolate and warm cuddles…you get the picture!  There are however things that winter brings that we are not happy to see, such as the cold and flu season.  With three little ones, it seems that despite preventative measures, someone does end up sick each winter.  So far we have been very thankful that none of the littles have been sick this year, so far just Hubby.

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We are very prepared though if they do happen to come down with a cough or cold.  I am not a fan of conventional cough medicine for children since most contain the drug Dextromethorphan (DMX).  It has been considered to be potentially harmful and can even cause life threatening side effects for children under the age of six.  To me, why would I use a medication to treat a cough that can have affects like that!  No thanks!

Instead, I have relied on making natural remedies myself.  When I found Zarbee’s Naturals at my local Walgreens several years ago I was relieved to find something that I felt comfortable enough in giving to my very young children that actually worked at soothing their sore throats.

When I had the opportunity to share with you a bit about the company and their products this winter I was excited!  They have now expanded their line to more than just their original Children’s cough syrup.

Zarbees natural cough medicine

What Makes Zarbee’s Natural Different?

First off, Zarbee’s was founded by a Peditrician back in 2008 as a Father looking for a safe was to offer his own sons relief.  What started off as children’s cough remedy has now expanded to a complete line of family safe health and wellness products that are free from drugs, alcohol, gluten and dyes.

In clinical trials, dark honey was proven more effective at calming coughs and sore throats than DXM so it was used as a base of Zarbee’s first product that combined a unique blend of dark honeys, Vitamin C and Zinc.  From that first product, they have expanded to now include a baby cough syrup that is safe and effective for babies 2+ months (which I am excited to have since Bethany is now 5 months old), adult day & night cough syrup as well as children’s and adult’s sleep aid.

Zarbees natural medicine

Don’t think just because it doesn’t have all the junk in it, it doesn’t work!  Bryan has been sick this past week and thanks to the Adults Nighttime Cough Syrup I have gotten a bit more sleep, and he has too!

When my children are sick with coughs or sore throats we use saline spray to try to break it up, treat them to homemade honey lemon suckers and give them hot tea with lemon and honey.  Now Zarbee’s Naturals will be added to our list!  What do you do for your little ones when they get sick? 

Here are a few tips from Zarbee’s to keep your child’s winter cold in check!

Kid's Coughs ABC's - Keeping Children's Colds in Check

The Zarbee’s website is a great resource for information on your child’s health.  Interested in trying out Zarbee’s Naturals yourself?  Snag a $1.50 off coupon that is valid until 3/31/14.

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5 thoughts on “Natural Cough Remedies from Zarbee’s Naturals”

  1. I haven’t heard of these but I’m going to start looking! My oldest who’s 15 has a strange reaction to Rx cough meds with codeine and we’ve started buying another natural brand and I know it works for me. Hopefully this has a pleasant taste!

  2. Oh, I’ll definitely use this coupon! I don’t have any littles at home anymore, but Hubby, my teen boys and I love Zarbee’s Naturals! I prefer something natural anyway, and Hubby says Zarbees is the only natural thing I’ve found that actually works for him. LOL!

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