Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally

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We eat quite a bit of fruit in our home, several times a day in fact.  I have a bowl on my counter and occasionally one also on the table with various types of fruit in them.   No matter what we have tried, we still get fruit flies.  Sometimes they are worse than other times but they are a pain in they are few or many in number.   And no matter what time of year, they never completely go away.  We don’t use chemicals in the house so pesticides are not even an option.  There are effective ways to rid yourself of fruit flies without using anything toxic to your family or the environment.

A Natural Solution

Using items you already have at home you can get rid of them easily and safely.  You simply need a glass jar, either vinegar or an apple core and a homemade funnel.

You want to either fill your jar with about 1/4 full of vinegar or place a ripe piece of fruit in the bottom.  Next make a cone shape funnel from a paper scrap.   It works better to have a short wide cone with a very small opening at the end.

Fruit fly trapPlace your cone in with the pointed end into the jar.  Tape the rim of the jar to the edge of the paper.  This allows the fruit flies to easily enter and usually they are not able to make it back out.

If you use vinegar, simply change it every few days.  If you are using a piece of fruit as bait, then release the fruit flies every couple of days and add the fruit to your compost.  Start over with a new fruit scrap to avoid attracting even more flies than you started with.

There really are so many simple alternative solutions to common pests that can be solved naturally!

Are there any types of pests you might be plagued with you would like me share a solution to?

9 thoughts on “Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally”

  1. We just moved into a beautiful house in the country and these little fellas are everywhere! So glad I found this post! Thanks for the great advice! I’m putting it to use ASAP!

    1. I hope you enjoy country living! To me it is so worth the benefits to deal with some of the little pests! Let me know how it goes for you.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I thought I was the only one scratching my head saying “How do I get rid of these things? lol…..I will be using your idea for sure!!

  3. omg, thank you! a million times thank you! we have fruit flies all the time because we have fruit trees outside and they meander into the house where my bananas are. it’s been driving my husband nuts. i am going to have to do this right away!

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