New Year, New You: Obstacles

Road Block Obstacles
By HurwiczRocks

I think if you ask most Mothers, really anyone, they want to be fit and in shape.  Most of us deep down, really want to be healthy.

Many of us have tried, multiple times to get in shape, to get fit but have fallen off the wagon.   Why?  Why is it, even if we eat mainly wholesome, healthy whole foods that getting in shape is such an issue?  Excuses….Obstacles.

Why not sit down and make a list of all the obstacles you can think of you have personally dealt with.

My Obstacles

Here are the obstacles I can think of that have gotten in my way:

  • Stress eating
  • Evening/Nighttime snacking
  • Lack of time (to exercise)
  • I’m too tired (to exercise)
  • I love chocolate!
  • Sometimes we just need that extra push of caffeine (mine is usually a coke)

What is it that we need to past our obstacles?  Motivation, encouragement and small steps.  I know personally, I do so much better if I have motivation, accountability and encouragement.  I also know I am not successful when I start something all or nothing.

What usually happens when I go into something with an all or nothing attitude, if I start to not do as well as I planned, I get discouraged and eventually stop all together.  Not cool!

As I stated on Thursday of last week, this series “New Year, New You” isn’t all about loosing weight, it is about making small changes to put us on a road to a healthier journey.  This week, why not sit down a really make a real list of all the obstacles you may be facing. Then pick just one.

What is one thing you would like to change, to be able to overcome?

For me, the obstacle I want to work on this week is my evening snacking.  You see, although I have written a new schedule and created a new game plan for blogging, I have yet to put it into action.  Here it is, once again late in the evening and I sit, at my computer writing.  And yes, I did tonight munch on snacks.  I know what I need to do for me to break my bad habit; I need to change my schedule.  My goal for the week is to everyday spend my early morning hours blogging.

NOTE to self:  To SUCCEED go to bed EARLY!

Are you willing to try to make one small change each week through the end of February to jump-start our “New Year, New You”?

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