Nine Tips for a Good Nights Sleep for Your Children

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Why is it that most children fight sleep?  Once we become adults, we would love to nap every day and get 10-12 hours of sleep a night!  That would be a dream, right?

Each child is very different but my children are very sleep dependent.  If they do not get enough sleep, like a ten-hour minimum, they are grumpy and can be quite unpleasant.  Thankfully we have a good bed time routine and they usually fall asleep quickly.  They have even told others, it is 8pm and I have to go to bed.  The older two (4 & 6) know they need their sleep.  We are still working on getting Miss Bethany on a good routine but hope she will follow suit soon.

When children do not have good bedtime routines, it affects every member of the family.  Anytime something puts a kink in their routine, we seem to have a hard time for a few weeks.  Traveling can affect their sleep cycles as well as the time change.  I have still yet to adjust!

Nine Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Be Consistent – It is important to try to keep a routine for bedtimes every night, including weekends.
  2. Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment – The bedroom should be a comfortable space where your child feels safe.  They should be dark, quiet and not too warm.
  3. Stick to a Routine – Try to devote 20-30 minutes before bedtime each evening to do the same things that allow your children to unwind.  Bed time stories, brushing teeth and our night time prayers are our evening routine.
  4. Go Electronic Free – Have relaxing evenings that are engaging without electronics.
  5. Teach Your Children to Sleep Independently – Being a co-sleeping family, this is something I didn’t do while the children were extremely young but once we graduated to them sleeping in their own beds was a great help!  Teaching your children to fall asleep on their own will aid them in going back to sleep on their own during the night.
  6. Do Not Allow Bedtime to Become a Game – My daughter was the world’s worst in getting up to potty five times before she would finally settle in to fall asleep.  Be firm so that they know bedtime is not a game.
  7. Know How Much Sleep they Need – Depending on your child’s age, the amount of sleep needed varies.  Check out the chart below to see the amount they really need.  Zarbee's Sleep Hours Chart
  8. Brighten the Day and Stay Active – If your children sleep in, they likely will not go to bed early.  My children tend to wake up with the sun but I am all for that considering they go to bed at 8pm.  Getting up at a decent time and getting exercise throughout the day will help their little eyes become heavy in the evening.
  9. Avoid Caffeine – Caffeine should be avoided in children for the most part but especially in the 4-5 hours before bed time.  Warm milk and a cookie, banana or nuts can be good evening snack options.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts we can fall into a rut.  There are times even after warm baths, gentle massages with lavender lotion and warm milk we just may not be able to unwind.  For those times when our routines is thrown off kilter, then Zarbee’s Natural Sleep products are there to ensure we can get a good night’s sleep!

As a father of four, pediatrician Dr. Zak developed Zarbee’s Children’s Sleep.  It contains a small amount of melatonin, that our bodies produce naturally during sleep.  It is natural, non-habit forming and safe to help you on those occasional times when your sleep routine has been affected.

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What are your tips for having a good bed time routine?

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