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Sometimes I see clothing pieces at the store that I love and try to figure out how I could possibly do them from home.  I am not the type to spend $25+ on an adorable shirt that my kids can only wear for a couple of months.  I saw some embellished onesies that I loved and thought they would be so cute with a skirt for the baby but they were $22 each.  I knew I could make something similar for far less money.  These are actually so easy, you don’t even have to lift a needle and thread!

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I picked up a package of three white long sleeve onesies for about $7.  Then I found some large lace flowers at Joanne’s I thought would be perfect but you could really use almost any ribbon you like.

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First wash your onesies, and then figure out how you will want your ribbon to be positioned on the onesie.  I left just a bit of room because I didn’t want the flowers to be under her chin too much.

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Using the Alene’s permanent fabric tape, I placed it on the back of each flower, being sure I covered each edge so they wouldn’t come loose.

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I positioned the two flowers on the edges and then placed the one in the middle.

It turned out really cute and I have several others I plan to make so she can have matching onesies with her skirts (that I will share soon).

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This literally took all of five minutes to turn a plain white onesie into this adorableness!  If only it was that easy to get one of these 😉

(Just a side tip: to prevent the tape from loosening, I turn it inside out to wash and then lay it flat to dry.)

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