My Cloth Diapering Journey (And Organic Caboose Review)

Everyone that cloth diapers has their own reasons, I initially wanted to cloth diaper because I knew it was so much healthier for our little one.  Why on earth would I want to put all those chemical treated diapers on their precious skin?  It is the largest organ we have in our body and being exposed all the time to everything in disposable diapers was not what I had in mind.

The earth appreciates it when you cloth diaper as well!   They say an average child goes through approximately 2,500 disposable diapers during their time they spend in diapers.  That is a huge amount of waste that piles up in the landfill, we are talking per child!

Then there is the cost factor!  Your pocketbook will thank-you in the long haul.  Yes, cloth diapering can seem costly up front, but the reality is you can spend about $300-$500 (depending on the type of cloth you choose) and have a complete cloth diaper stash that can be reused for more than one child!  That amount can be eaten up in the first 6-9 months of disposable diapering alone!

The Stark Reality of My Cloth Diapering

While I had the greatest intention of exclusively cloth diapering my first two, I found I used a combination of both disposables and cloth.  With working full-time, having an infant and caring for a very ill spouse, it just worked that way.  And truthfully, I accepted it.

Now with 3.0 on the way (and it was pointed out to me tonight just how large I was), I really want to get back into the mindset of cloth diapering.  I won’t be working full-time, I actually hope by the end of summer to be exclusively working from home.  My husband has been on the mend since our last round of chemo three years ago and Austin and Addie are both potty trained!

No More Excuses!

With my first round of cloth diapering I used prefold diapers and wool covers.  I loved them and just really didn’t experiment with everything else that was out there, and there are so many options!  This time I decided I would try several to see which I wanted to use and maybe go with several combinations.

Welcome to Organic Caboose- organic and eco-friendly products for baby and mom.

The first company I came across that I knew I wanted to try out was Organic Caboose.  The company was founded by a Mother in 2004

who didn’t want to leave her first child to return to work (sounds familiar if you read my post here).  She started sewing cloth diapers with her Mother and as the company grew, she enlisted the help of other Mothers right here in the US.  All Organic Caboose products continue to be manufactured in the U.S. even today because they believe in supporting each other locally.

Organic Caboose® brand is committed to premium organic, all-natural and eco-friendly products for the Natural Family.

Organic Caboose Fitted Diaper

Looking at their products they offered, I wanted to try a fitted diaper, so we went with the newborn size, snap fitted diaper.  Lovingly referred to as “La Petite”, the organic cotton fitted newborn diaper has snap closures and features a snap-down umbilical scoop.  I love that feature!  My babies have both been early and were quite small, 4lbs 1oz and 5 lbs 13oz so the newborn size works well for our family for a good while.

The size is good for newborns 5-13 lbs!  And as all fitted diapers require a diaper cover.  These organic cotton diapers are so, so soft!  I will have no problem using these right against my little’s ones precious skin.  The leg gussets are a small size on the smallest snap, perfect to use right from the beginning and with the elastic and snaps being able to adjust to three sizes, it should grow perfectly with your little one right in the first weeks very easily.

In prepping all cloth diapers, it is recommended to wash them multiple times prior to use to help the absorbancy, and it washed up beautifully!  I can’t wait to be able to actually use it now on 3.0!  They are $16.99 and for the softness and attention to detail I think they are worth every penny.  Plus I love the fact that I am supporting a work at home Mother also!

Organic Caboose Bamboo Diaper Cover

If you have never had a piece of bamboo clothing, you don’t quite understand the softness of bamboo!  Yes, the grass-like shoots that is so sustainable is soft when made into clothing, so soft!   Our 3.0 is due in the summer time, so I wanted to try out something a little lighter than wool.  Organic Caboose’s bamboo/organic cotton diaper cover looked like just the ticket!

The shell is created with a bamboo outer, a touch of polyester (just enough to bond to the PUL–baby’s skin does not touch it) and the inner layer is 100% organic cotton.  Although it does contain the PUL, your baby’s skin only touches the natural fibers. These are machine washable (yay!) and have aplix closures, so they can easily be adjusted for just the right fit!

They come in four sizes and are also made in US.  I opted for the small size to go with my newborn fitted diaper.  It ranges from 6lbs to 12lbs and I LOVE just how soft it is!  The Plush Bamboo diaper cover is $21.99 and a steal for the price I paid for my wool covers.

If you are interested in trying out cloth diapering, I would highly suggest trying several different types of diapers to find one that suits you well.   And I can’t tell you just how excited I am to be using these Organic Caboose products first thing when 3.0 comes home!

I received a product to review, no other compensation was received.  All opinions shared, are as always 100% my own 🙂  I love cloth!


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