Our Amazing, But Short Sea World Orlando Experience

Sea World has always been a favorite place for me to visit.  I grew up with an Uncle working at Sea World and each summer when we would visit Florida we would get the chance to go to Disney and Sea World.  It was the highlight of our summer!

As much as I loved it, I have yet to return since Bryan and I married.  Can you believe that Bryan grew up in Florida and had never been to Sea World? With our children being animal lovers, especially dolphins, we knew it had to be on our to-do list on our family vacation this year when we headed to Florida.

Our schedule was crazy busy and the time we had planned to go to Sea World was road-blocked with sickness.  Both of the children at this point were sick with fevers and just feeling lousy.   On top of that, it was raining.  I tried to not bring up Sea World but they had known for weeks what our plans were and spoke of it every day.  They knew that we were suppose to be at Sea World and they were heart-broken.

After weighing our situation we decided we would go, just for a few hours and hopefully our timing would be good so we could see the dolphin show.  It had been raining on and off all day, we were packed up ready to head out later that night.  We had two children that were beyond excited!  I was praying that our timing would be right.

Once we entered into the park, we headed right to the Dolphin Stadium.  My heart jumped!  The next show started in 30 minutes.  We made our way up to find seats and about that time it was a total down pour.  I was so excited we were in the covered section but also wondering if the show would continue.  There was no lighting and the rain let up so the show went on!

Let me start by saying the show was utterly amazing!  The dolphins were unbelievable and such talented creatures. The show was not just the dolphins performing amazing tricks, although they did that perfectly, there was a full-fledged show.  There were singers, aerial acrobats, high divers and a story that was being played out with the help of the amazing dolphins.

My kids clapped, laughed, even cheered; they were on the edge of their seats for the entire show.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it too but everything I had to do to get us there that day was totally worth those 45 minutes.

The amazing birds involved in the show flew right over our heads several times.  The kids were ecstatic!  If we had timed it right we may have even been able to reach out and touch them.

Once it was over, we headed to Key West to see more dolphins.  Rain hit again.  We stopped off for frozen drink treats.  I noticed something that may have seemed small to others but I was excited about it.  Sea World doesn’t serve any of their drinks with straws.  This is for safety for the animals and to help reduce waste for the environment.  If the drinks are served in recyclable bottles and cups, there are no paper cups to go into the land fills.

The lines to feed the dolphins were so incredibly long.  With the kids feeling yucky and the rain this Mama decided we would not be able to wait it out.  We watched them very closely for a while until the rain started yet again.  We headed over to the sting-ray touch pool to have a hands on experience.  After purchasing dolphin bubble machines for the children we stopped off to make pressed pennies and then headed out.

It was such a torn feeling as the kids would have loved to stay, as did I but I had to think practically.  We were headed on our 18 hour drive later that night and I didn’t want to hinder the children’s recovery. I decided with the rain, it would be best to head back to the car.  We talked about how the dolphin show was amazing and picked up a map on our way out.  As you leave the park, there are receptacles to return your maps to be recycled.  As much as I am all about recycling we wanted to hold onto ours to plan out our next trip.

We still look at the map and talk about all the things we want to do on our next trip.  Austin loves to talk with Addie about the dolphins and feeding them is high on their list (next to wanting to swim with the dolphins.)

Although our trip was short, it was well worth it!  Sea World is an amazing company that does so much for conservation.  I love using entertainment and fun to teach my children about simple things we can do in life that affect the bigger picture in the world we live in, such as the straws and recycling.  I can’t wait to return and be able to enjoy all of Sea World with my family!

Has Your Family Ever Visited Sea World Orlando

I received media rate passes for our trip.  I was not obligated to write about my experiences.  All opinions, as always are 100% my own. 

10 thoughts on “Our Amazing, But Short Sea World Orlando Experience”

  1. We live in SD a short bus ride from the Sea World here and so we are spoiled and go all the time. They do the same Blue Horizons show here too and it is amazing. We have seen it several times. I love the dolphins, whales and birds in the show! 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to Florida or Sea World Orlando but visit Sea World San Diego quite frequently and LOVE how interactive and educational it is for the kids. We had passes last year but gave them up due to budgeting restraints. However I’m considering getting them again for the next year because both kids are so interested in animals!

  3. I am so glad that your kids got to enjoy the dolphin show! Too bad they didn’t feel well, but those shows are always worth it. The pictures are beautiful and the pressed penny is ALWAYS worth it!!

  4. Oh, I want to go so badly! I loved sea world as a child and can’t wait to take my boys there. I’m sorry you didn’t get longer of a trip but it seems like they had a great time even if they didn’t feel great!

  5. I absolutely loved taking my boys to Sea World every week when we lived in San Diego! 🙂 Looks like your kids had a lot of fun, even though it was a short trip..!

  6. That is a bummer your kids were sick but at least you got to see the dolphin show! It looks amazing. I have never been to Sea World, but I hope to take our kids there when they get a little older. Looks like a blast!

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