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It has been about a month since I first introduced you to the Walmart Family Mobile plan I discovered at Walmart.  Although we were happy with the pre-paid cell phone service one of us had, we were still interested to see what was available at the best value.  With the unlimited plans from Walmart Family Mobile only being $40 a month and requiring no contract, I decided to bite the bullet and try out their cheap wireless plan.

Walmart Family Mobile 2

Being about six months pregnant, having a reliable cell phone service is very much a necessity, especially the fact that I am high-risk and have many complications.  Hubby wants the peace of mind that I can get help if the situation arises when I am not with him.  At the same time, since our 3.0 is our bonus baby, we were not planning on having all the unexpected medical bills.  By selecting the lowest rate plan, we are able to save money which is a huge plus and trimming every little bit helps!

A few days after signing up for the Walmart Family Mobile plan I headed off to SoFabCon, the awesome blogging conference offered by Collective Bias.  I was excited to try out my new service and my new phone!  I would be traveling about four and half hours without my husband with my sister and my two children in tow.  Having reliable service was very important!


We didn’t have any complications traveling but I couldn’t believe just how easy the phone was to use at the conference compared to the current LG droid I had been using.  I had both with me, (the LG is AT&T) but I found after my very first session I was clearly going to be using the Samsung Galaxy GIII over my LG.  It was so much faster and easier to use!  The social media sharing was a breeze compared to my previous phone & service provider.

Once I returned home, just as with my other provider, I have no cell phone service.   I live in a very rural area in the country and that is just how it is with any provider, who knows maybe one day!  I love being able to use the wifi at home on my phone.  When I am in town nearby I get great reception!  I have carried both phones with me for the past several weeks to see which is the best wireless plan.  I am amazed at the service, even if I only have one bar of service.  It is fast, doesn’t drop calls and has amazing clarity.

The reality is, I use my phone mainly for my email and social media.  I can’t even tell you the difference of just how fast the new 3G service is for surfing and downloading compared to my previous cell phone provider.  It is like night and day difference.

WM Family Mobile 1

My children, even being 3 and 5 are very proficient when it comes to using smartphones.  It is amazing just how fast they can figure something out!  They have loved being able to stream Netflix and YouTube videos without having to wait to buffer, that was not even thought of with my previous provider!


This past week we were spending some time in Little Rock and decided since the kids and I will soon be residents (at least until the new baby is born) we would use some of the savings to purchase a family pass to the Little Rock zoo.


We had a great time and again, my Samsung GIII was awesome to have along.  I had forgotten to place an SD card into my DSLR so I couldn’t take photos with it but that didn’t stop me from capturing some amazing moments we spent together at the zoo!


Both of my children love animals and the zoo is such a great place to have fun and help them to learn at the same time.  We decided with our monthly savings, we would add the difference to our field trip fund since we are homeschooling.

walmart family mobile sign

I couldn’t be happier with the decision we made to try out the Walmart Family Mobile service plan.  Just in case you missed my first post here is the run-down again on the awesome perks of the plan:

  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited Data
  • $40 for the first line; $35 for each additional line.
  • One-time $25 Starter Kit required per line.
  • Plan includes 1 GB of shared Web access at 3G speeds
  • T-Mobile’s nationwide coverage
  • No annual contract or surprise charges

Plans Pricing

The Data is unlimited but there is a 1G download data limit on the plan and then it drops from a 3G to a 2G speed.  I did experience that this month as the kids watched tons of videos but the speed was still very good compared to my current provider.  You can then purchase additional WebPak Refill cards if you are interested in keeping the 3G speed.

If you figure switching even a single cell phone at $69.99 a month, before taxes and other charges, you would be saving $29.99 a month!  That is almost enough to cover a second line on the plan and they are both UNLIMITED!  How could you go wrong?

If you are tired of paying too much for your current cell phone provider, then I would highly recommend the reliable service from Walmart Family Mobile.  Not only will you be pleased with the service, you could save a great deal of money too!

What would you do with your savings from making the switch to Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plans?

21 thoughts on “Our Experience with Walmart Family Mobile”

  1. I’m glad to hear your experience was so positive! Once I started considering how much my family could save over the course of a year, it was easy to think of better ways to use the extra in our budget! While everyone in the family might have somewhat different ideas on that point, after reading about the speed and service strength, we at least agree that making the switch to Family Mobile makes sense 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your story!

    1. It is such a world of difference over my previous phone and my kids LOVE it! SM is so much easier on the G3 also 🙂

    1. It is great to hear from ones that have tried it out long term and been happy with it! I totally agree on the price, why would you pay more!

  2. I am in the market for a cell phone. I was very into this except for two things: Wal-Mart (less important) and T-Mobile (very important). T-Mobile and I do not get along. I had them for two years and then I had to cancel my service and battle them over $200 worth of charges. It was a mess! I am glad you got something that works for you. We don’t get service at home either and we live just outside the city.

    1. I am sorry you had problems with TMobile! That can definitely leave a bad take in your mouth. The thing I like most about this plan is that you know exactly what the charges will be, never any extra or overages!

      And there are times I hate not having cell service at home but for the most part I love it!

  3. I love that you put the savings into something special like the zoo membership. You’ll enjoy that so much more than an extra cell phone bill!!

  4. We currently have no contract phones elsewhere, but I’m really contemplating switching to Walmart mobile. It appears to be cheaper for us and I wouldn’t have to worry about minute usage like I currently do… Definitely going to keep it in mind!

  5. I’m test driving the walmart family mobile plan too, ANd i also went traveling and experiences a lag in service in my area! It’s just where I’m at. A lot of mountain passes with no service no matter the plan. Frustrating. Hopefully one day we can have service everywhere. But other than that, I have truly loved my Walmart phone! I carried my old LG and my Samsung galaxy III from the walmart plan with me for the last month and it is amazing the difference in quality of phone calls, voice clarity and speed. I love my Walmart family mobile plan so much better!

  6. I’m seriously looking into a plan like this. While our current plan is grandfathered in at unlimited data, we only have like 400 texts a month. And when our kids are old enough for phones that won’t fly!

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