Our House Expanded by 8 Feet!

Well this week was indeed a crazy one.  Friday after working, Hubby asked me if I wanted to take him to pick up a gift he had purchased for me.  Immediately I thought he had bought an animal but reasoned, no he wouldn’t have done that as we really aren’t prepared to keep others right now.  Well I was wrong, he did and we came home with more than one in fact!

Although we, let me re-phase that, I have wanted to get goats, they can require quite a bit of time and can get into quite a bit of trouble.  Together we had decided until life was a little more settled and we had more time we would have to wait on the goats.  To be honest, as much as I would love them I don’t want to take on anything else until my stress level is down and I have more free time.  So Hubby wouldn’t let me know what we were getting, but deep down I knew it had to be a piglet.  I wanted to get pigs before we got goats anyways but we weren’t exactly prepared.

So ready or not we drove Friday evening quite a distance to a house down a very, very long dirt road.  It has been so dry here so it was incredibly dusty.  We passed several rabbits, wild turkey hens and tons of wild blackberries.  If we weren’t so far away I would love to load the kids up and go back for the berries.  When we pulled up, we knew we were at the right house.  There they were, over 50 piglets waiting for us to take our pick!

They are seven weeks old but let me tell you at seven weeks they are the size of a small dog.  We stood there and talked with the owner for a while to observe them to see which we wanted to bring home to the kids.  I had my eye on several but they all turned out to be males and we wanted females.  He had all colors, some with spots and some without.  I really liked a dark red one with black spots but he also turned out to be a male.  It was funny as they knew what was coming and when the gentleman got into the pen for us to make our selection, they scurried quickly away.

Hubby was letting me pick and I finally settled on a little pink girl and a spotted girl.  That was the easy part, now came catching them.  Of course we just watched and he was good at gathering them together.  The hard part was getting to the ones I had selected.  Once we had our two piglets we were on our way to pick up the kids.  The aroma in the van was less than pleasant but I could just smile and tell Hubby that this was solely his idea 🙂  I do not do that often, but in this case I just couldn’t help myself!

We have been speaking very frankly with the children as to where their meat comes from and that we would be one day raising our own.  Once we picked up the kids, on the rest of the drive home we discussed suitable names for the pigs.  I explained (as we had before) that we would be keeping one pig with the intention of her being our Mama pig down the road and the other would be raised for meat.  We talked about names and didn’t settle on them until the next day.  The children decided that we just had to keep the little pink one and she was lovingly named Miss Piggy.  The cute spotted one they decided would be the one we would raise for meat and named her Pork Chop.  Although that could change, for now it has stuck.

If you had asked me that morning while I was headed to work if I thought we would have pigs later that night I would have laughed!  Funny how things change.

My garden is really suffering from the chickens and I am going to have to put chicken wire around all of the raised beds.  They are eating all the flowers off my potatoes which were doing beautifully and have eaten the green beans and cucumber plants to the ground, again!  This will be on my to-do list this weekend, along with replanting, again.  Bryan picked our first couple of tomatoes today and we had several large Arkansas Travelers starting to turn red but the chickens had made holes in each one.  Good thing Hubby is working on a pen for them right now.

Also on our to-do list this week is to work on a permanent pen for the pigs!


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