Our Start of Our Garden & Free Seed Starting Chart

After deciding what we were going to plant this year, we set out with starting our early spring seeds along with a few warm weather seeds that need a head start indoors.  I really haven’t had great success in the past with starting many seeds indoors simply due to the fact I have never invested in growing lights.  (I may be soon though).    Austin has been eagerly awaiting planting, so we added our seed starting mix and watered it the night before we were going to plant our seeds.

We started by first planting a loose lettuce mix, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, baby choi (a small version of bok choi).  We will also be planting onions, sugar snap peas, peas, and  once the ground is warm enough to direct sow outdoors.

Austin helped me ever so carefully place each of the tiny seeds into it’s proper home.  If he dropped one and couldn’t find it, he would say, “It’s okay, it found its home.”  It was so cute, as the plants grow I will have a few surprises along the way.  Addie found the seeds to be too small to deal with so she just enjoyed watering what her Bubba and Mommy planted.

A few days later we planted Arkansas Traveler tomatoes, San Marzano Paste Tomatoes, and Seeds of Change Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes along with some jalapeno peppers and basil.  We also planted three different marigold varieties and some Shasta daisies-From Seeds of Change the pinwheel marigold,  the  marigold and the Shasta daisies.  The third marigold variety was from Garden’s Alive.

Austin didn’t understand that some plants do not tolerate replanting.  He soooo wanted to plant some Sunflower seeds we had ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.  They were in a pretty pink package and were calling his name!

So once we watered, we placed the little dome on and I told them we have to wait now.   In just a few short days the lettuce was shooting up little sprouts.  They were so excited, as was I!  I always enjoy seeing something I plant grow.  Every day they check on our little sprouts to see how many more have peaked their heads out of the soil.  I am so blessed that my children want to be right next to me when I garden, do dishes, cook-they really enjoy helping Mommy no matter what I am doing!  I love that they are learning that from something that small as a tiny seed, God can make our food grow!

Boy our weather has been crazy this winter, not that we really have had much of a winter.  Yesterday we were in the 70’s here in Arkansas, today a cold, windy 40’s.  Oh, well my little seedlings are inside in a window seal taking in the sun.

Do you start your own plants from seeds?  What are your favorite varieties to grow?

When you start to garden it can really seem so overwhelming at first.  What to plant when and which varieties really should be started indoors versus outside.  Here is a handy seed starting chart I found online that I thought I would share.  It helps to take some of the guess work out of when to start planting.

The Gardeners Almanac-Simply fill in your zip code and you are given planting dates for when to start seeds indoors and when to start outdoors.

The Lazy Gardener’s Seed Chart-This is in Excel format.  You simply plug in your last freeze date (go here to find yours) and it gives you the dates to sow seeds for the spring and the fall harvest.



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