A Mini Robot That Teaches Coding: Ozobot

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Do you have a child who loves robotics? Mine does! Thanks to big brother, they all do. We were first introduced to Ozobot a couple of years ago and my son absolutely loved him!  He is a mini-sized robot that through color coding can communicate a series of commands and he will react according to his programing. So in essence it teaches them the very beginning of coding without them realizing it. 

Well Ozo, (his name in our house) has gotten a major upgrade!  The new Ozobot Evo 2.0 Bit starter pack is just as awesome, but WAY better!  It comes with a removable skin that you can change out to change the look of the bot, ours came with a white skin.

You can easily see the inside bits and pieces that make up the Ozobot which is fun because it lights up assorted colors as it passes over the colors.  By placing a series of colored dots in a row, you can give it commands on what you want it to do, speed up, slow down, go in circles and more.  It is made to follow black lines and then reacts to the color-coded commands it reads through its sensors. 

One of our favorite upgrades is the fact it makes NOISE! We think it sounds like a mini droid as it reads the color coded commands and reacts.  Austin also loves that he recognizes obstacles and stops.  Be sure to watch the video to see the Ozobot Evo and Austin in action. 

It comes with a premade track and 20 activities to give you an idea of what you can do, but then the options are endless!  With markers, you can make your own track, create any of the commands in the order you want and then watch him at work.  You do need to download the Ozobot app and then connect him so he can read the tracks but it is a super effortless process. 

We love that through fun, interactive play, it gets the kids thinking gears going.  When we can spark their minds, and get them learning through fun, it makes a much deeper impression than just reading about something on a page.  When we can engage their learning process through fun, we know we have succeeded. 

Do you have a child that is starting to develop an interest in robotics or coding? The Ozobot Evo might be just the right toy to spark their learning.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and STEM products encourage kids to develop core skills in these areas. Best Buy carries products from basic learning games to advanced toys designed to stimulate a child’s mind in the STEM areas, helping to develop logic and problem solving skills.  You can purchase the Ozobot Evo at BestBuy currently for $49.99. 

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