Painting + Children = A Need for WaterWipes

I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for WaterWipes. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #WaterWipes

WatereWipes Party Chemical Free WipesLife as a new mom can be tricky, even if it isn’t your first time being a mom. For me, last week, I became a mom for the fourth time! Just like each of my children being unique, each birth was also just as much. You wonder what each baby will be like, will they need any special care and worry about giving them the best possible care.

Since I no longer feel like a new mom, I didn’t have quite as much worry about caring for him after the fact, it was the getting here that brought on more concern. Based upon my other three and allergies that they have, I knew what types of detergent I would use, what type of baby products, what type of diapers I would use and even what wipes I would use. That helped take so much out of the guessing game for me. I knew I would want to use products that were chemical free.

WatereWipes Party Spread table 1When I was asked to be a Waterwipes Mom Ambassador, it was a no brainer for me. I want the very best for my little one and that means choosing the best products for my family. My children all have had issues in the past with many conventional wipes due to harsh chemicals and as a result would break out. With WaterWipes that isn’t an issue. As a premium European brand, they are a chemical free baby wipe that contains only two ingredients, 99.9% purified Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. That is one I can handle!

WaterWipes Painting Party

WaterWipes Painting Party SuppliesDuring a recent playdate, I was able to not only share WaterWipes with some friends (and my sisters) they were able to see first hand just how amazing they really are. Have you ever hosted children for a painting party? Well that is exactly what we did and we had a ball!

WatereWipes Party Spread NashSnacksĀ + friends are always a great combination and then you throw in painting and what more can you ask for? Clean-up was simple and everyone got to see first hand just how WaterWipes work.
WatereWipes Party Spread Austin
WatereWipes Party Spread BabyI would encourage you to read the ingredients in the wipes you use on your little one’s precious skin. Can you pronounce all the ingredients? Do you know what they are actually are?

WatereWipes Party Spread TableLearn more about WaterWipes and try them out for yourselves.

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