Panda Printable Fingerprint Activity

We are always looking for fun activities for the kids to do.  Things that are hands on, get their creative gears going but still simple enough that all of them can make.  Since we have such a variety of ages, that can prove difficult but this is a fun activity that no matter what age range you are working with.  It can be as simple as a few fingerprints and adding a face or completing a full background to create a fun masterpiece.


For our first fingerprint activity I settled on a Panda.  Who doesn’t love a cuddly panda bear?  Only this activity doesn’t have to be a black and white panda, you can make it whatever color you wish.


To begin, print off these sheets with the panda images on them.  If you are using this activity, there is a sheet with four images on it that you will want here.  If you are looking for a single image, click here to print it.  You can print it on regular white paper or cardstock.  If you plan to use watercolor on the background of the single panda image, I would select cardstock.


Once printed, you can cut the image out or leave the single image on the page.  Dip their pointer finger in the ink and place a finger print on each ear.  Try to use just the tip of the finger rather than the entire print.


Next place a finger print for each eye.  And then a set of longer finger prints for your front legs.


Once they are dry, draw eyes in the center of each finger print.  Then complete the panda by drawing the nose and mouth.


You can either complete the activity by drawing in some bamboo and a background or leaving him as is.  He is adorable either way!  There are so many great books to read to go along with a Panda activity.

What animal would you like to see an activity on next?


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