Paper Versus Plastic: The Feud and The Victory

We live in a world so full of plastic.  From the toys made for our children to what our food is wrapped in, it is all around us.  Most of us travel to a supermarket, health food store even the farmer’s market weekly (some daily).  Many mainstream stores offer the option of paper or plastic bags.

Which do you choose? 
Shoping Bag made of PLA-Blend Bio-Flex

Plastic Bags

It is estimated that the world uses over a trillion plastic shopping bags in just one year!  Because so many bags are used daily, weekly, monthly and annually just think of the amount of carbon emissions released into the air for something that we can do without!  Millions of barrels of oil are used just to produce the plastic bags that the world can’t seem to get enough of, or can it?   Although a percentage of these bags may get recycled, the landfills the world over are full of the needless waste that plastic bags bring.  So what about…paper bags?

Paper Bags

The lesser of the two evils comes in the form of a brown paper bag.  It can be recycled and usually is made from some post consumer products.  They also can be decomposed and turned back into the earth.  The problem is in the harm of the earth with deforestation and the manufacturing the bags.  Trees are being cut down to provide the materials needed, is this being done responsibly?   Are the trees from a sustainable forest?  What about the actual manufacturing process and then transportation costs?  Although the better choice of the two, paper bags still have an enormous impact on our environment.

We may find ourselves pondering that question, what is the responsible choice for the environment?


Nasa blue marble

Simply put, choose to reuse!  Reusable bags are popping up all over.  They are not only convenient but you are helping the environment each and every time we choose to reuse our own bags.  They truth is, for most it is a matter of convenience.  They don’t want to have to tote around bags or better yet, remember to bring them!  Now there are so many options available to suit everyone’s like and needs.  I have big sturdy bags that I keep in my car (to help me remember), insulated totes for cold or frozen groceries and even one that can fit in a small pouch and hang on my keys.

It really is a matter a habit. 

Why not challenge yourself if you are not already using reusable bags to try it out! 


Our ever-increasing unstable environment would benefit and with such a small simple change you can reduce your carbon footprint on our beautiful home.

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