Penguin Printable Craft: Learn Shapes

Shape Penguin Printables 2With the chill of winter in the air and reading several stories about these amazing animals I decided it would be fun to do a penguin craft to go along with our school lessons.  Penguins are such amazing creatures and so much fun to learn about.

One evening I sat down and started playing with some shapes and thought it would be fun to create shape cut-outs the kids could make penguins from.  With a four and five year old they love to practice their cutting skills and if it involves glue, they are in.

penguin-printable (3 of 1)

I started by having the kids use watercolors to create their version of the Northern Lights.  I encouraged them to use the brighter colors and try to cover as much of the page as possible.

penguin-printable (1 of 2)

Then we cut out the shapes (the smaller ones I assisted with).  I had them sort the shapes, count the pieces and then match them first.

penguin-printable (2 of 2)

Then they had fun piecing them together.  I added in a few triangles that could either be used for a bow tie or a hair bow as well as a top hat but you can get creative and add other pieces with construction paper or color them in with crayons.

You can print out the pages below by clicking the links for the Penguin Page 2 and Penguin Page 1 to open each page.  I would recommend printing them on cardstock so the paper is a bit heavier and will handle better.  Depending on the age of your children, cut the shapes out for them or let them cut them out by themselves.

Shape Penguin Printables 1

Give them a glue stick or a bottle of glue and let them be creative with piecing them together.  They can either be glued to the front of a card or glue to their watercolor Northern Lights painting.

Why not make it an afternoon of learning about penguins and watch Happy Feet or March of the Penguins or read National Geographic Readers: Penguins, How Do Penguins Play or Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  You can even eat like penguins by making a fun fish dish?

What ways do you keep learning fun for your children?

To print the pages, click below and you will be taken to a Google document to print!

Penguin Page 1

Penguin Page 2

28 thoughts on “Penguin Printable Craft: Learn Shapes”

  1. I absolutely love these penguins. My three year old wants to make them as Valentines for her friends. I have attempted to download via Google but was unable to. Can you please email me the link?


    1. They are in the paragraph between the photos labeled Penguin page 1 & page 2. I also added the links on the bottom of the post in bold to make it easy to find.

  2. I love these penguins! I can’t open the link to print them. Could you please email it to me so I can use it with my class. Thanks so much. Susan

    1. Susan I updated the links to the bottom of the post so hopefully you will be able to access them. It will open in a Google document and you should be able to print them. If not, I can email them to you later.

  3. Hi
    I cant seem to find the link to download the printables. Would it be possible to e-mail me a copy please. They look so fab and want to make them with my Nursery Children.

    Many thanks


      1. Hi,

        I found this activity interesting for kids. Could you please send me the links of printable penguins?
        Thank you so much


  4. I would love to print these also for my class, but it won’t open. It says I have to update to a newer version. Could you please email the links to me? Thanks!!

  5. I tried to print these out to do with my daycare kids but the picture links are coming up as broken. Is there another way to download it?

    1. Hi Heather, I am sorry you are having difficulties. These are saved as a google document and should open online for you. I can also email you directly them and you can download them to your computer to print. Just leave me a comment if you would like me to email them to you (no need to leave your email visible as I have it from you leaving a comment).

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