True Maternity Comfort and Style with Pink Blush Maternity

Thank-you to Pink Blush Maternity for sending me an adorable dress to outfit me for my baby shower! 

Once you reach that third trimester, for most of us we really start to blossom!  Being only 5′ 2″ and carrying the baby extremely low, my babies have one place to go, OUT!  I officially have round baby bumps!  At this point, yes I want to look cute but no matter what I put on, I am really pregnant and fairly uncomfortable.  Choosing the right pieces to be cool (it is after all in the dead heat of summer!) and comfortable are so very important!

My clothing piece of choice is a soft summer dress.  If they are made from the right material they are not heavy, do not rub and are truly comfortable.  Yes, I could stay in a dress everyday from now on until the baby arrives!

Maternity Comfort and Style

One thing I really appreciate is many maternity companies are now offering pieces that are perfect for pregnancy wear but also that can still be used after the baby is born and nursing!  Pink Blush Maternity is one company I found during my pregnancy that offers a huge selection of Maxi Dresses that are perfect if you are just starting to show or have blossomed out like I have at this point!

Blush Maternity 1aa

They offered to send me a dress to outfit me for my baby shower and I loved looking at what they had to offer!  I wanted something cute that was comfortable, something I could see myself wearing down the road while nursing.  It truly was difficult to decided but I loved the color of the Aqua-Striped Top Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress.  Being as petite as I am, the length would not require me to alter it.  It is made from a soft Viscose/Spandex combination and I was completely comfortable in it!

During the shower we had a great time with a few games, eating delicious food, enjoying yummy cupcakes that my sister Sarah made (aren’t they adorable?) and opening gifts!   Addie enjoyed opening the presents more than I did I am pretty sure; she is beyond excited for her new baby sister!  I received many compliments on my dress and even though I don’t really like how I look right now, my Pink Blush Maternity dress is so comfortable!

I love that the dress has a very summery feel!  Many of the nursing dresses are extremely low-cut which makes me a little self-conscious but this Pink Blush Maternity Maxi dress offers great coverage while still being very trendy.

Blush 3aa

With full selections in maternity dresses, tops, pants, active wear and nursing they truly have something for each Mama’s style.  Pink Blush Maternity prides themselves on having a wide selection of unique maternity styles at great prices.  If you are looking to be stylish during your pregnancy and still be able to wear your pieces after the birth of your baby into nursing, I would highly recommend you taking a look at what Pink Blush Maternity has to offer!

As a pregnant Mama, what did you find to be your go-to choice of clothing?

6 thoughts on “True Maternity Comfort and Style with Pink Blush Maternity”

  1. Pretty dress! All pregnant women should have a few clothing pieces that they love – they deserve to be as comfortable in their body as they can be and having great maternity clothing can make a huge difference in how you feel about your appearance during pregnancy.

  2. That’s a cute dress!

    When I was pregnant both times I actually worked for Motherhood Maternity so the logical thing to do was to take advantage of my employee discount. I also liked looking at Ross although their selection was tiny.

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