Enjoying Naptime with the Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre

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We had no intentions on purchasing a crib for Bethany.  Although we did use a crib with Austin and Addie, neither slept in the crib.  We are a co-sleeping family, not every family is but it works for us and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  While I do love co-sleeping, with two children who now love their new sister more than words can say, I didn’t realize just how much I would need a safe place away from all the love that she receives so she can sleep.

When I was offered several amazing pieces from Ingenuity to review, I couldn’t have been more excited to receive the Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre.  Is it an amazing portable playard?  YES!  But not just that…it is so much more!


Bryan put our Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre together in a very short amount of time.  Once he figured out how to snap the sides in place it was a matter of minutes.  The playard actually has wheels on one end that lock for super easy portability.  With moving from room to room with homeschooling or between the kitchen cooking, I love I can move her around if need be very easily.

Ingenuity 1

I was excited to see how the baby would do in the playard.  To my surprise, she slept very well in it and I love the fact that the bed is adjustable, just like a crib!  When the baby is an infant, it allows you to place them closer to the top for easy in and out and then as they grow, you are able to adjust the bottom of the playard lower.

Then he added the bassinet attachment and the changing table attachment and to say I was even more excited was an understatement!

The changing table piece folds over the side of the playard to free up the room once you are using the actual interior of the playard while still having it there when you need it.  There is a washable, removable cover that is very easy to take on and off.  Let me tell you, it will come in handy, as mine did within the first few days.


With a changing table you need to have easy access to your diapers and wipes.  Don’t worry, they have you covered!  On the side of the playard you are provided with two small pockets and one deep pocket that holds lots of diapers perfectly.

INgenuity 2

Then we move on to the bassinet attachment.  It is the perfect height and size for your new little one.  This has been such a blessing as it is Bethany’s favorite place to sleep (well second favorite, as the first is next to my skin).  She naps so well in the bassinet.  It comes with a small removable pillow and the material is very soft.  There are mesh openings on both sides for the babies to be able to breathe if they turn into the cloth side for safety.


My favorite feature, the fact that it is ALL washable!  It is an easy zip on and off and you can give your little one a very clean environment!  I can say that the first week home when I was using the changing area I found out just how great it is to be washable!

Even though this was something I thought I would do without for this baby, I am beyond thankful that it turned out that I now have this in my house!  I use our Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre each and every day.

My only suggestions for improvement would be to have an extra support bar under the bottom of the bassinet.  It seems to lean to the right slightly when the baby is in it.  Bryan made a few adjustments and it sits fine now but that would be something I would slightly improve the design on.

What is your favorite feature of the Ingenuity playard?

7 thoughts on “Enjoying Naptime with the Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre”

  1. My sister in law had one of these for her baby and she got SO much use out of it. She had a 2 year ol dwho spent most of his time downstairs in the living room playing so they set this up in there so she could watch and play with the toddler while caring for the newborn as well. She had a c-section so she had to stay downstairs so it was perfect for them in the early weeks and months.

  2. Oh my word! This looks absolutely perfect. Love that there’s a bassinet and changing table right next to one another. So convenient for middle of the night changes.

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