Potty Training: The Challenges and Rewards

If you are a mother that has gone through potty training with your children, you like other moms doubtless have lots of stories to tell.  I personally have learned with my two just how different each child is.  What works for one child, may not for your next.

Round One

I started out wanting to exclusively cloth diaper my children.  I quickly realized when I had to return back to work, it just wasn’t going to be a reality for me.  In the beginning I felt like a failure, but I quickly realized since my time with my son was so limited then, it was more important to spend the time with him rather than doing extra laundry.  I was working about 55 hours a week and with an ill husband at the time, I caved.  It was so worth it!

While I did still use cloth on the days I was home, it was such a relief to be able to use disposable diapers.  We tried many different brands and styles and let me tell you, not all are created equal.  Austin developed rashes with so many diapers.  We quickly came to find we were a Huggies family.  I loved using their Pure & Natural line made with organic cotton.  Once we were ready to make the plunge into potty training we used Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants along with cloth and a wool cover.

With Austin, we used the timer method.  He didn’t like to stop what he was doing for anything, so when the timer went off he knew it was time to break.  We set it for every 30 minutes at first and then gradually raised it.  After about a week, he got the hang of it.  So much so, he stopped wetting at nights after just two accidents.  It was such an exciting day and Austin got his prized Lighting MaQueen he had been holding out on!

Round Two Anyone?

My dear Adalynne was a little more of a challenge, partly due to myself.  I started actually trying to wean her from nursing during the same time we were working on potty training.  She would do great for a week or two and then take several steps back.  When she finally let us know she didn’t want to be a “big” girl because she didn’t want to stop nursing it clicked!

So we tackled potty training first and then worked on the nursing issue afterwards.  Addie wasn’t comfortable on her brother’s little potty and although she did use a potty seat, she excelled when we got our Joovy Loo.  It was a perfect size for her since she is so petite.  She was comfortable and most important, she could do it herself.

Although with both children we used incentives, Austin’s were die-cast cars from Disney’s Cars movie.  Toys didn’t work with Adalynne, chocolate did!

We are still working with nighttime training so we still were Pull-ups at naps and at nighttime.  Addie is beyond excited that the new Huggies we ordered from Walmart online are Disney themed with Minnie and Cinderella!

I was excited we got such a great deal, as they are on rollback for $8.97 and it was so easy to order online and have them arrive right at my house!   I am all about saving time and money and with ordering at Walmart.com I did both!

You can schedule a free potty break phone call from Mater or Cinderella to encourage your child along their journey by going here: http://www.pull-ups.com/na/pottybreak.aspx

So do share, what worked the best for you when you potty trained your children?  What were your challenges? 

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3 thoughts on “Potty Training: The Challenges and Rewards”

  1. Your little Adalynne is a cutie! I also use cloth diapers and Huggies Pull-Ups. It’s a nice break for me and the kids love the treat of the cute pull-ups. They really help jump start potty training at my house, which we did this past weekend with my little Sara – last of my 4 kids!! I’m very excited to kiss diapers and everything associated with them good-bye. 🙂

    1. Yes it is. It was hard to give in but once I stopped being upset about it, it made my life so much easier! I am so thankful we have the option.

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