Preparedness is Key in Caregiving


Life has a way of quickly changing and finding ourselves in a situation that many of us give little thought to.  For some this may be having a new child, loosing a job, relocating to a new area or even caring for a loved one when they are no longer able to.  These changes can find ourselves and our loved ones in situations that we aren’t prepared to handle.

We don’t often think about having to care for family members or even help them care for themselves in many ways.  Many that start needing care are not ready to actually admit to themselves that they help.  After taking care of yourself and others during your own lifetime, no longer possessing that ability can be life shattering.  Some experience anger that may be indirectly taken out on the ones doing the caregiving, but this usually is anger at the situation, not the caregiver.  Handling the situation, knowing to expect that there will be difficult moments along the way makes it a little easier.

Taking on the role of a caretaker can be challenging emotionally as well.  Since there are millions of individuals in the US that are or soon will be taking the role of caregiver, Sam’s Club realizes that there are many hurdles and wants to make it as easy as possible when it comes to purchasing many sensitive caretaker items with the Sam’s Club Caregiver Program.

Sam’s Club Caregiver Program

Online – With the Caregiver’s Program, you don’t even have to visit your local club.  You can order online with discreet shipping without anyone knowing what is inside.  Many of the items have free shipping from select locations.  Sam’s Club offers a variety of products like Depend, Poise, and Ensure. With their discrete shipping options and club pick-up, Sam’s Club gives me the peace of mind to know that I can find what I need, when I need it, how I need it.

Scan & Go – If you need to pick-up other items in the club, you can utilize the Scan & Go app.  This app is amazing in that it let’s you access deals that are offered and you can skip the checkout altogether!  You scan for the barcode of each item in store with the item scanner and then pay directly in the app.  It saves you time in line and you can show your digital receipt at the door on your way out of the club.

Club Pickup – Shop online and purchase items marked as “Club Pick-up”.  When you arrive at the club, a Sam’s Club team member fills your cart with your items and you can either visit the register or pay on the app.  Some club’s even have a Drive Thru, avoiding getting out altogether.

Being a caregiver isn’t an easy task.  Being our loved one that is receiving the care isn’t either.  The Sam’s Club Caregiver Program was designed to provide the right assortment of essential products and provide additional online resources to support you and those you care for all while saving you time and money.

If you find yourself in the situation of being a caregiver, be sure to visit Sam’s Club Caregiver Program for information and to stock up on all the essentials.


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165 thoughts on “Preparedness is Key in Caregiving”

  1. Yes my daughter had Cancer at 7 my son Diabetic at 21 months heart transplant at 19 so I have been one for a long time.

  2. Yes I’ve been a caregiver way too much in my life-a disabled aunt, as a mother and nurse, for my dying sister, my mother and father and now my brother. If you love the person it is a joy. If they relationship is difficult then it’s not

  3. Back in the nineties I was a public caregiver. Nowadays, I am a caregiver for my father who really needs me.

  4. I was never a full time caregiver but did a lot for my mom and her twin. I worked full time and had 2 girls!

  5. I was never a full time caregiver but did a lot for my mom and her twin. I worked full time and had 2 girls.

  6. yes, I have been a caregiver. It is highly demanding and it is sometimes difficult to remember to self-care so that you don’t burn out. It is also highly rewarding to help someone who really needs!

  7. I was a caregiver for my grandpa before he passed away. I am also a caregiver everyday since I am a GNurse Tech!

  8. Francine Anchondo

    Yes I helped my mom with my dad he had stage 4 lung cancer that spread to his brain. He passed away 3 years ago in March.

  9. I took care of my grandmother as she went thru dementia. It was definitely a tough time without having anyone stepping in to help out. She was with us about 4 years and I quit my job for 3 years as it progressed. We lost her in 2014 and not a day goes by where something doesn’t remind me of her!

  10. I worked in a nursing home for over 10 years. I was not the caregiver, I worked in the activity department but I would help as much as I could.

  11. Yes, I have been a caregiver for my father. He was very ill for several years with diabetes and congestive heart failure. We were able to keep him home until the last few weeks of his life. My mom, sister and I cared for him until he went into a coma and were then unable to do any further. After two weeks in the hospital God called him home. It has now been almost 4 years but the pain feels like yesterday. I am so sorry this is a long reply but a topic close to my heart.

  12. Only to my kiddo. He has aspergers and can be a handful, but not nearly as difficult a situation as many have.

  13. Yes I was caregiver for my mom and years later, for my father in law. It was exhausting and expensive. I am so glad that attention is now being paid to the tired caregiver. It is emotionally and physically draining like nothing else.

  14. I’ve never been a sole caregiver to anyone but my children. I did however help in my grandmother’s care until she passed on

  15. Yes I have had to be a caregiver and I have so much respect for those who do so as a career or for their family. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. Yes, I am a caregiver for a county run home for disabled adults. I have the state limit of 3 in my home. They live w/ us 24/7. I am the caregiver for 2 blind ladies and one little lady that has mental disabilities. I have had the same 3 ladies for over 13 years now. It is considered a Domcare Home. This way they can live in a private home setting instead of having to live in a nursing home.

  17. what web-site were we supposed to visit in the contest entry? This one? Or something else? I just typed “YES” anyway

  18. Many times different people. I could have done a better job with Tom though. He had mental issues and was a tough cookie..

  19. Yes, when I was between 12 and 15 I took care of both my grandmother and my great aunt when my mom couldn’t.

  20. No, but as the oldest sibling I imagine I’ll have to at some point. I’m glad there are resources for people that do.

  21. Christine Labelle

    I am an LNA in a nursing home and I have done home health for a few years. I love helping people that need a little extra and I also love the stories they have to tell.

  22. Yes I have been a caregiver for my mother the doctors got her addicted to pain pills and it really did her in when they tried to take her off them.

  23. My mom went through a rough 4 year battle with cancer. I cut back to working part-time & took turns with my father taking care of her. I’m so thankful for the inventions & technology like you discussed & linked to, everything from personal pads to lift chairs. It made it so much easier on everyone, & let Mom have her dignity as she dealt with some of her issues. She was a nurse, so it was especially difficult on her to be the patient.

  24. I have always been a caregiver. I have a autistic child. I work with special needs children. And I have a husband that had a stroke several years ago it is a rest home.

  25. I am currently a caregiver for my older brother who had spinal surgery and ankle and feet surgeries as well. I love poise products

  26. Donna Hufman Warrington

    Two years ago, we took my mom out of the assisted living home and brought her back home from us…..though she can take care of herself, she no longer has to live by herself.

  27. No I have not but both of my daughters have worked in nursing homes. My oldest is a NP now and my youngest works with children with autism.

  28. I am a caregiver right now. My brother has cancer and going through chemo and i am still packing him from surgery in January of last year. This money would help us with medical supplies.

  29. Mary Beth Elderton

    I was caregiver to my mother in her last few months. It was very difficult, and being prepared is definitely important.

  30. I have not been a caregiver to an elder. I saw my mom do it with my gram. When the time comes, I will do it with my mom.

  31. I worked as a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults and later for my boss who was a quadriplegic. Soon I’ll be moving closer to help my mom who is my fathers caregiver

  32. I have had to be a caregiver to my father, mother and husband. My father and husband both had cancer and my mother had heart disease. Both my parents have now passed away but, my husband is still when us. It is not a easy job being caregiver to anyone. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and Happy New Year !!!!

  33. I was a caregiver for my grandpa for a couple months before he passed. It was difficult but I’m thankful I was able to spend all that time with him!

  34. I’ve never had to be a caregiver and have great respect for people who have been / are caregivers because I expect it is a very taxing role.

  35. i was a caregiver when i was a teenager. i babysat kids and adults with severe disabilities. it was very eye opening.

  36. I would say I was a semi-caregiver when my mother went through chemo. She was/is pretty independent but still needed help.

  37. In the traditional long-term sense, no, I’ve not been a caregiver. If you’re talking short-term, each of my wife’s 2 pregnancies were a bit difficult and I was somewhat a caregiver for the last 2 months of each pregnancy.

  38. I had to help care for my grandmother years ago. I loved being with her but it was tough on me because she wasn’t always aware of who anyone was.

  39. i have been a caregiver/volunteer for the nursing homes when my Nana use to be in one i still do from time to time when i can visit everyone take some cookies up and help out the nurses

  40. I have never been a caretaker. My mother died quickly after her cancer diagnosis 12 years ago and was in the hospital at the time and my dad who was 94 enjoyed good health right up to the day he died of a heart attack in Dec. of 2016.

  41. David Hollingsworth

    Yes, I am currently taking of my mother. Yes, it can be very difficult and erratic, but then again, she took care of me when I was younger, so I need to return the favor.

  42. I was a caregiver for my great grandfather for about six months. Then switched off with my other sister to care for his wife.

  43. Yes, I was the caregiver for my mom for the year after she broke her hip. Unfortunately she passed away the following year.

  44. I have not, as a child my mother had a stroke and always helped her around our home, but I was never offically a caregiver.

  45. What a great program – I shop at Sam’s and had never heard of the Caregiver program or the scan and go app. I watched my parents care for my grandparents and now my mother lives with me. It’s always difficult when roles change, and any help – like the caregiver program – is appreciated.

  46. Yes. I was one of my Mother caregivers until she passed away. Currently, I help out with my 98 year old Aunt.

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