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Every little girl dreams of being a princess.  My little one, she could be a princess every day.  After our last visit to Walt Disney World, she dreamed of a princess makeover from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  It was mentioned on the planning DVD and Addie talked about nothing else.  I didn’t really look into it too much before our last trip over the summer, and boy was I a bit taken back by the prices.  This would have to be something special we planned for, planned for when Daddy could be with us.

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To keep her desires at bay, we agreed we would plan a visit on one of our upcoming visits and then have our own Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at home.  With the new Sleeping Beauty DVD and Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray combo pack being released, and the stores full of princess costumes, I decided it would be time to give her the princess makeover she has been wanting.  Walmart has such a large selection of princess costumes, it made the choice very difficult for Addie to settle on which princess she would like to add to her collection.

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Like a girl in a candy store, she couldn’t decide on just one!  She has a soft spot for Ariel’s red hair and green dress, so in the end she settled on an Ariel costume and then we also added in Cinderella slippers to match her gown.  She couldn’t wait to get dressed up!

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Creating Your Own Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

The reality is, you only need a few things to make your little one feel as grand as they do walking out of the real Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

  • Princess Gown
  • Crown or Barretts
  • Light make-up (or pretend make-up)
  • Princess Hair-Style
  • Glitter (Pixie Dust)

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With having short hair, we tried a few hairstyles.  One thing about Addie, she has opinions on her hair and her clothes.  We tried several hair-styles with her Cinderella dress and Addie loves her crown style as she calls it.  She wouldn’t allow me to curl it as she was too ready to start making herself into a princess.


With her Ariel dress we tried a princess bun and she loved it!  It was actually really simple to do, even with her shorter hair.  To get the princess bun, you need an odd sock (the smaller the better), a ponytail holder, bobby pins and hair spray.

sock-bun-princess-hairstyle-#disneybeauties-#shop-#cbiasTo begin, just trim the toe end off.  Then fold the elastic end of the sock over.  Then wrap the cut end over a few times until you have a nice donut shape.      

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Create a higher style ponytail and moisten it just a little.  Then place the sock at the very end of the ponytail and tuck the hair around the sock.  Continue wrapping the hair around the sock as you roll the sock down around the hair.  Don’t worry about it being perfect, you can arrange the hair better once you finish.  When you reach the head, arrange the hair to cover the sock.  Secure the bun with bobby pins and hair spray.

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Now you are all ready to add a tiara and smile!

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It was a pure joy to sit back and watch her pretend to make her lips red, spray perfume, and fix her hair.

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Seeing her face light up as she talked about being beautiful like a princess was such a delight.  It can be hard at times, to sit back and see things through our children’s eyes but watching her made my heart so full.  I couldn’t help but smile from the inside out seeing how excited she was.  It took so little to make her so happy.  She danced, twirled and laughed all day in her dresses.


Princes Addie dressing up as her favorite #DisneyBeauties today. Just another day… #shop #cbias

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If your little one has not had the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience yet, why not create one for them at home!

Which Disney Princess is your little princess’ favorite?

14 thoughts on “Creating a Princess Makeover – Our Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique #DisneyBeauties #shop”

  1. Awww! She’s so precious! We didn’t get to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique when we went to Disney World last year because the reservations were BOOKED! *GASP* my daughter’s favorite princess was Cinderella until Frozen came out and now she loves Queen Elsa. I love your homemade Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! #client

  2. I wish my little girl liked the princesses, but she doesn’t. I did name her after a princess. Oh well, Jasmine does like the princess from BRAVE because she has a bow and arrow and really knows how to use it. Jasmine likes that hunting kind of stuff.

    Your little girl is adorable, love the clip earrings and bun. I remember having fake lip stick just like the one she has and loved it. It brings back memories seeing your little girl with it in her hands.

  3. So adorable! Princess costumes are the best. I have a boy, but a friend with girl said that I can do her costume this year. I’m sooooo excited!

  4. She is so beautiful! She looks so grown up in her princess outfit and hair pulled up!

    That sock trick is amazing! I have never done that and think that’s awesome! I am definitely going to have to try it… when someone’s hair around here is long enough!

  5. What a gorgeous princess you have there! I love how you used the sock as a hair scrunchie for the bun. I never knew Walmart had such a selection of princess costumes and accessories.

  6. My daughter actually did the bibbidi-bobbidi-boutique at Downtown Disney and it was such a neat environment. I am totally using the sock technique for my daughters dance recital.

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