Using Toys to Work on Problem Solving and Creativity

This post is in partnership with Kiditec.  All opinions shared are 100% my own.

kiditec-2Our kids often have more toys than they know what to do with.  When this is the case, often toys don’t become something special, something to be cared for and cherished.  Instead they become objects that are played with and then tossed aside for the next new thing.


When we started receiving toy offer through my blog, I quickly realized we would have to be selective or we would be overrun with even more toys than we already had.  So we decided early on we would try to surround the kids with toys that would mainly inspire creative thinking, problem solving or educational based.

No, we don’t deprive them of anything fun.  They have plenty of that, but we also want to encourage them to be creative when they play, to use that time to also learn through play.  They have learned so much from educational play.


They love toys that allow them to build and create.  When Kiditec from Switzerland came along, they were unlike any of the other building toys we had but were so versatile.  We were given the Jurassic Set to play with and the kids couldn’t have been more excited!

The Kiditec set allowed them to build very simple creations with the easy to follow instructions.  I love hearing them work together and figure out where the pieces go.  Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned and Austin will come to Addie’s rescue to help her figure something out.  Those are moments I love and cherish.  They are working together, problem solving and working as a team.  Even the baby does a fist bump and says “team!” it is by far one of the cutest things!  It also shows just how fast they pick up on things.


The Kiditec sets allow you to build simple creatures but also more comprehensive creations.  With the Jurassic set, you can make amazing dinosaurs, racecars and so much more!  The pieces are made extremely well and are bigger than traditional building sets you find in the US.  This makes them easier to handle and the pieces fit together ingeniously.


Once they are built, the kids had a blast talking about what the earth would have been like when there were real dinosaurs on the earth.  Thanks to dinosaur train, the kids know all the fancy names for the dinosaurs and quickly corrected me on the names I referred to them as.

Bottom line, the Kiditec toys are definitely on our list of toys that assist in problem solving and sparking creativity!  If your little ones enjoy building, consider a building set from Kiditec.  They are new to the US market, but I can guarantee they will be a huge success!  To find out more, connect with Kiditec on Facebook and Twitter.

How do you use toys and playtime to encourage problem solving?

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