Providing Clean Drinking Water…Do You Think About It?

I agreed to share my true feelings about clean water in participation with P&G and The Motherhood.  Although I was compensated for sharing, all opinions and stories shared are my own.

family clean waterAs a soon to be mom of four, taking care of my children is a huge focus of my life.  We are privileged to live in a country where we take so many things for granted.  When we need something, it is usually fairly easy to get it from the store, or if you are spoiled like me, have it delivered to your front door.  When our children are sick, we take them to see a doctor.  When we need to wash our clothing, take a bath or get a drink of water, it is as simple as turning on the faucet or pressing a button.

There are many moms in other countries that love their children just as much as I do my own, but despite their efforts, are not able to provide the same basic things we may take for granted daily!  If they want to feed their families, they must grow it.  When their children are sick, they may have to do the best they can, without guidance of a physician.  And clean water, well that may be completely out of their hands.

Clean Water Supplies P&G with Addie
Having access to clean water directly links to our health.  Sadly, there are nearly a billion (BILLION with a B) people who are challenged to find clean drinking water every single day.  Many resort to drinking dirty water full of bacteria, viruses and parasites.  They do not do this out of choice, it is a matter of necessity and then they have to deal with the results of illnesses directly related to their dirty water.

As a mom, that is a gut wrenching thought to me.  They have no alternative but to let their children, the ones that are most precious to them in the world, drink and bathe in water that is purely unsanitary.

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When I was contacted to share about P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to reach many moms who care, as well as use the opportunity to teach my own children.  We strive to teach our children what we truly should value, what is truly important in life as well as teach them good values.  This process really hit home with both of my older children who are six and seven.

Clean Water Supplies P&GLet me share a little history… Probably the most important product P&G has ever developed is the P&G Purifier of Water packet. Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it purifies even heavily contaminated water so that it meets World Health Organization standards for safe drinking water.  One small packet is able to treat 10 liters of contaminated water by effectively killing bacteria and viruses while removing parasites and solid materials in a matter of 30 minutes or so.

#PowerofClean Girls with Water Packets

Over a decade ago, the non-profit P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program was founded, which distributes these packets through emergency relief efforts, NGO partners and governments in more than 75 countries.  Over the past ten years, P&G has invested tens of millions of dollars to provide clean drinking water around the world.  So far, the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has provided more than 9 billion liters of clean drinking water, and they are committed to delivering 15 billion liters of clean water by 2020.

Clean Water Steps CollageThe amazing thing, you don’t need anything fancy to use this system.  The technology is simple to use and pretty much anyone can do it, including my own children.  With only a bucket, a spoon, a cloth and a small P&G packet, people can purify 10 liters of dirty water in 30 minutes, enough drinking water for a family of five for one day.  Do you know how much it costs to provide what a family of five needs to create clean drinking water for an entire year with this program is?  An entire $30!  Less than taking the same size family out to a sit down dinner here in the US would cost.

To find out more about the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, please watch the short video below. Then enter the giveaway for a $50 basket of P&G products & a $30 donation made in your name to provide clean drinking water to a family for an entire year!

Power of Clean Water Giveaway

To enter the giveaway, please watch the above video and let me know what touched you the most in a comment below.

One random comment will be selected to receive a gift basket valued at $50 and a $30 donation in their honor to provide clean water for a family in need for one year.
*No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents of US & DC who are 18 years of age or older. Giveaway starts 09/25/2015 and ends 10/10/2015. Sponsored by The Motherhood in partnership with Procter and Gamble. For the full list of rules, click here.*

What can we do?

If you are able, make a small donation at It costs only a dime to provide clean drinking water to an entire family for a day! A $7.50 donation provides enough water for a year for a child and $30 provides enough water for an entire family for a year.

If you can’t donate, please share! Share the above Power of Clean Water YouTube video on a social media platform, and that alone will provide a child with clean drinking water for a day!

With small actions we can help others provide something that no one should have to worry about…clean drinking water!  Please join me!

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