Raspberry Lemonade Iced Tea is the Perfect Combination

My husband and daughter are huge iced tea lovers.  When a friend was recently visiting from out-of-state while at lunch she ordered her son a half strawberry lemonade and half tea.  Austin does not ever drink tea, ever!  Yet he loved it! It gave me a new inspiration for at home.

A Perfect Pair

I headed into Walmart without giving much thought to the day it was and it was beyond crazy!  We were all starting to not feel well and were out of fruit, and well let’s face it, tea and health are thought of as hand in hand.  When we became ill as a child, my mother would quickly make us hot tea and honey.  The warm combination is soothing to the throat and to breathe in.

Lipton tea was on my list and I was intrigued to find the new to go tea sticks in the pitcher packets size.  With the to-go packets you simple add water, stir and are set.  You can see my full shopping experience in my #FamilyTeaTime Google+ album.  With each serving containing only 5 calories it is a very light drink.

Now that we are all starting to feel well, the kids helped me to make a batch of my homemade raspberry lemonade.  There favorite part was to help freeze raspberries in the lemonade ice cubes.  They always like me to make extra and just eat them crushed with a spoon.

I love to make extra iced tea when I make it.  It is easy to make two batches and store it in the fridge in mason jars.  The pitcher packets worked great for this as they make 32 ounces, perfect quart size.   It is so nice for meal time to roll around and have cold tea waiting in the fridge.  Less time is spent prepping and more time together.

Once I make my homemade raspberry lemonade, I added one quart of raspberry lemonade and one quart of Lipton Tea & Honey.  To serve we added a few lemonade ice cubes, garnished the glasses with lemon slices and we were all ready for lunch.

Here in the south, iced tea is an everyday drink.  Although we drink lemonade as a special beverage mainly during the summer, but who says we can’t enjoy it year round?  This raspberry lemonade iced tea is an awesome drink to add something a little different for family entertaining.  Although we enjoyed it with pizza for lunch I think the perfect food pairings would be chicken salad on homemade bread or humus on some fresh pita chips. I must be hungry!

So share, what is your favorite food to enjoy with your iced tea? 

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  1. Looks fab! Iced tea is usually a summer drink here too, but since I prefer cold beverages (not a coffee drinker), I love the idea of drinking it year-round.

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