Recipes: Homemade Yogurt Berry Ice Pops

With all the strawberries we picked this last weekend we decided it was perfect to make some super simple yogurt berry “ice pops”.  We had made some with blackberries not long ago and Austin has been asking, almost daily to make more.

I spent Saturday evening sorting and washing our strawberries.  I could tell many of the berries Addie had picked, as they were rather mashed.  They were still yummy berries but were handled a little too lovingly 🙂  Can you tell my sink had seen lots of washing at this point?  It was full of dirt from green beans.

I decided to get out my food processor and puree the ones that were extremely ripe or soft.  They were still good berries and why not use them for ice pops or smoothies!  Austin decided he needed to help.  How could he resist turning it on and off, on and off?  I measured the berries out and decided we would freeze them either as one cup or two cups so that it would be easy to use take out just what we needed in the future.

Photo Courtesy of Austin

After we pureed the berries we mixed 1 cup of strawberry puree and 8 ounces of Stonyfield’s Honey Greek Yogurt together.  You can also use plain or vanilla and simple add 1-2 tablespoons of honey in.  Then I ever so (not) carefully spooned the mixture into the molds.  Austin placed the sticks on them and they were good to go to the freezer.  Super easy but now the hard part comes, waiting!

Austin couldn’t resist himself!  He decided since he had to wait for them to freeze, he would lick the bowl and spoon while he waited.  I love that they only contain great things for them, they are getting all the vitamins and minerals from the berries but also a great boost of protein from the yogurt.  In this case, I actually let him eat more than one since they are not empty calories packed with sugar.  Plus they are nice and pink without any added food coloring!  We also have just  frozen pure strawberry puree and made fruit pops that they love as well.

If you have picky eaters that don’t care for yogurt, why not give this a try and let they get the benefits while eating a yummy ice pop!

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