Remember When…

Today’s walk down memory lane is courtesy of Stonyfield YoBaby yogurt.  All memories shared are my own.

I have spent a great deal of time this week reminiscing, actually quite a lot lately. The kids are growing, there are major changes happening and We are finally getting close to a resolution with our new house. Lots of walking down memory lane has been happening.

three kids-1

To begin, this was our starter home, we have lived here nine years. In that nine years we have made some great memories, some that we wish we could forget, lots of renno and plenty of mistakes. Many anniversaries and how could we forget the three adorable kiddos that we brought home here.

This house is far from perfect (miles and miles away), still needs loads of work, is full of raw emotions and memories. As hard as our country house will be to leave, I am ready to leave the baggage behind and take on a new house, and create new emotions, new memories.

girls -1

The kids, oh my, the kids. Well Miss B is not only walking like a pro, she is attempting to speed walk to chase after “bub-bah” & “Ag-die”. She really emphasizes her syllables. She has a keen eye and watches every.single.thing her brother and sister do and I mean every.single.thing! She doesn’t like it when we have the kids go in another room to play with something she can not. She stands at the door and calls for “bub-bah” until it tugs at their hearts and they decide to give in and come out or until she gives up and slides downs on her bottom on pout. She gives a tight squeeze, has a smile that can melt your heart and gives a mean kiss.

While my youngest is 18 months old, my oldest turned seven this month. It literally seems like yesterday he was just 18 months, waiting for his “sissy” to be born. He loved his blackberries and YoBaby yogurt, especially when he had the independence of doing it by himself. The messes were bigger but boy was it fun to watch. Today, he loved both just as much as he did back then, the boy can seriously eat a pint of blackberries and several cups of peach or strawberry YoBaby yogurt.

His mind is a sponge and his gears in that brain of his never shut down. He likes to excel in everything he does which is one of his strong points and weaknesses. He is sincere and kind. He has the best and worst manners at times. He is brilliant and genuine.

girls -2

Addie, my dear Addie is the sweetie who loves to get under her brother’s skin just for the fun of it. She loves to sing and chat on the phone. She races to it when it rings to see if it is someone she knows, if so, watch out! She received her gift of gabbing from her Pappy. On any given day she may wear four different princess dresses and can make anything look good with her red boots.

This past week she gave mom the biggest scare I have yet had as a mom that landed us a stay in the hospital for a bit, along with a series of tests. All the tests came back good, which was good but also leaves us with lots of unanswered questions. It also really made me think, REALLY think hard! Each day that we have with our loved ones is a gift. We need to make sure that the ones we love know just how much we love them, everyday.
three kids-2

We can not take our lives or those in them for granted. Now are the days to make the memories so we can look back and say, remember when!

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