Repurpose Goodwill Clothes into a Beautiful Sequin Pillow


Last month I selected to participate in Leviton’s Renu Challenge which challenged us to add color to our spaces.  I choose my bedroom.  Long story, after the second remodel (due to mold) I didn’t really have any desire to decorate the space.  It was very bland, as in not a single thing on the wall.  I was actually excited by the challenge to add in a bit of color and homemade love!

Our walls are painted a soft oatmeal brown, more of an oatmeal cream.  We didn’t have an ounce of color, or personality in the room.  One of the first things I wanted to tackle was that of making throw pillows for the bed.  We have several duvet covers and the one we use the most often is a soft cream.  Any color we choose would match the walls and the bed, we settled on aqua blues and greens.

One of the items on my to-do list was to make a few throw pillows from repurposed clothing.  I had been gazing at new throw pillows and found several I love…but just can’t seem to spend $25 on a decorative pillow.  You know I love shopping at the thrift stores so I wandered the aisles at a local thrift store looking for a glitzy piece of clothing I could turn into a great throw pillow.

repurpose-goodwill-clothing (11 of 1)I came across this one shoulder shirt at a Goodwill that had just enough glitter to make a perfect pillow.  The shirt was only $3.50 and I made a diy pillow insert from a pillow I had on hand.  So being able to repurpose Goodwill clothes for $3.50, I was able to make an adorable throw pillow.

repurpose-goodwill-clothing (10 of 1)

To begin, I laundered the shirt.  Then I trimmed the shirt to match the same dimensions that I had made my diy pillow insert, 14.5″ x 14.5″.

repurpose-goodwill-clothing (1 of 4)

Now turn the right sides together and sewed three of the sides.

repurpose-goodwill-clothing (2 of 4)

Trim the corners so that they are no longer squared but rounded.

repurpose-goodwill-clothing (3 of 4)

repurpose-goodwill-clothing (4 of 4)

Turn the pillow right side out and place your pillow insert inside.

repurpose-goodwill-clothing (9 of 1)

Turn the raw edges inside and pin close.

repurpose-goodwill-clothing (7 of 1)

Carefully sew the edge using a narrow seam.  Trim your loose threads and you are all set!

repurpose-goodwill-clothing (5 of 3)

The pillow now fits our room perfectly and adds a little glamor to our once colorless room!  Be sure to check back as I will be sharing more projects that helped to bring color to our room very soon.


What have you repurposed lately?


7 thoughts on “Repurpose Goodwill Clothes into a Beautiful Sequin Pillow”

  1. That is such a cute pillow! I can’t believe that you made it. I’m so inspired to give this a try on my own now.

  2. I can’t decide if I think the t-shirt was cuter or the throw pillow. I really love the throw pillow and I bet it is so soft which is not usually what the cases for throw pillows feel like. They are usually rough. I wish I could sew a straight line so that I could make one. I have two little dogs that would love having soft throw pillows to cuddle on.

  3. This is super cute, I’m not prone to sewing, but we take standard throw covers and stain/paint/dye them often!

  4. I would love to learn more about sewing so I can do things like this! This pillow looks amazing! I’d love to have one in my bedroom and what a great savings by doing it this way! I love it!!

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