DIY: 10 Repurposed Crafts & Tutorials

Upcycle Collage done

Although we don’t always have the time we would like, I do love to craft and upcycle whenever I get a few minutes.  I love repurposed crafts and my kids love to craft, so anything that is kid-friendly is good for a fun afternoon!  I spent some time visiting some of my fellow bloggers and thought I would share some great upcycle or repurposed crafts!

10 Repurposed Crafts & Tutorial

  1. Repurposed Denim Shirt into Toddler Dress – The Frugal Greenish Mama (Pictured)
  2. Butterfly Craft: From Cocoon to Butterfly – So Easy Being Green (Pictured)
  3. Recycled Jeans into a Bag – Check it Out Dawn (Pictured)
  4. Jewelry Organizer – Create-Celebrate-Explore (Pictured)
  5. DIY Crib to Children’s Desk – Desert Chica Ramblings
  6. Kids Art Supply Carousel – Savvy Suburban Mama (Pictured)
  7. Falling Leaves T-shirt Tutorial – Head Ant
  8. DIY Wooden Pallet Coffee Table – Frugal Momeh (Pictured)
  9. DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeder – My Kids Guide
  10. Kids Tote from Cereal Box – The Spring Mount 6Pack

Do you have a favorite upcyle or repurpose project?



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