Repurposing T Shirts: Newborn Sleeper

repurposing t shirts newborn sleeper
With our newest and final arrival coming in just a few short months, I have decided to conquer a few projects I have been wanting to try out. This was the first project I pulled out my new sewing machine for and listening to it stitch away was so relaxing. I didn’t realize just how much I truly missed sewing over the past six months.

With this pregnancy, I haven’t rushed out to purchase a lot of anything. I think part of me is still in denial, even though I am in my seventh month…lol. But part of it was the fact that with Miss Bethany, even after six ultrasounds we thought I was having a boy. This time, I really wanted to be sure. So far, a boy it is! Now that time is running short, I have decided rather than purchasing some of what I still need, I want to make them.

Repurposing t shirts is so much fun! The options are open and endless and let’s be honest…there is pretty much a huge surplus of t shirts everywhere. I have a huge collection of shirts in every color waiting to be packed up and brought to our new house but I also have access to a great little thrift store locally that sells clothing for get this…$2 a bag! Yep, as many pieces and you can fill without overstuffing for a whopping $2. And they ALWAYS have an abundance of t shirts.

Be forewarned, I will be sharing many baby repurposing projects over the coming months, but I also have lots planned for my other, growing children as well, including ways to update their outgrown clothing to extend their lives.

Starting this month, I am participating in several Pinterest challenges. There is so much inspiration to be found on Pinterest. This month, I choose to start with The Mama Makes Stuff tutorial on making a newborn t shirt sleeper. Her instructions are awesome but I wanted to see if I could make it just a tad easier and it worked perfectly for me! This was my first one (but I will be making plenty more!) so I have some tweaks to make but I was so excited as I really needed a few more sleepers.

newborn sleeper refashion pieces together
I followed most of her directions and even used her pattern to layout my sizes, but instead of having to hem and sew the neckline, I used the existing one. I need to work on a few more but will soon share a pattern and exact steps on using the neckline of the t shirt you are working with.

newborn sleeper sleeves from t shirt refasion
I also used the sleeves from the long-sleeved t shirt, and utilized their existing hems. No, they don’t have the fold-over mitten this way and I am on the fence about that, but it cut down on another step. Not all of my sleepers in the past had the fold-over sleeves and I used mittens, so that is an option.

newborn sleeper freezer paper stencil
newborn sleeper rafashion with tulip matte paint
Once I had decided how I would reuse the neckline and lay it out, it took under 30 minutes to sew together. Painting on the mustache using this freezer paper stencil tutorial took maybe five more minutes.

I have plans to make several more fun ones using lots of colors! This was a trial run using a woman’s long-sleeved 100% cotton t shirt in a medium. The only thing you need to watch for is that the shirt is long enough.

Stay tuned for a full tutorial soon!

You can download the mustache pattern here to use, or free hand one yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Repurposing T Shirts: Newborn Sleeper”

  1. That is SUCH a brilliant idea and I love the way you used the existing neck edge and hems to save work – genius. The finished garment is so cute.

    1. Thanks Julie! I am ALL about making things easier and I love to use anything I can to make my own easier… 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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