Robo Toys that will Spark Your Kids’ Interest and Imagination!

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As I watch my children play, I often find myself smiling and thinking how it is possible that these little people have learned so much, so quickly.  To hear the conversations that are had between my four and nine-year-old sometimes makes me laugh.  They are so perceptive and their brains like little sponges.

With each child I am amazed at how much faster they learn new things.  They have the older ones to watch and observe.  Sometimes it seems like they learn new things almost effortlessly.  I’m truly amazed at their use of technology.

Austin, my nine-year-old loves robotics and technology.  Taking things apart and building things are his loves.  And being an awesome big brother, he tries to share those experiences with his siblings.  They have all grown to love electronic and robotic toys.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find robo toys that all the children can play with, but recently we came across an amazing set from WowWee Toys that all my children can play with, Caleb included!

After each child laid claim to their robot, much laughter ensued as we learned all the features of the robots.

Although the Minion MiP Turbo Dave is meant for children ages 4+, Caleb had no problems figuring out the remote and operating him.  Caleb made claims that it was his Minion very quickly.  “Where is my Minion? Where is my remote?” are two questions I have heard over the days many times since we open the adorable Minion MiP Turbo Dave from WowWee.  His wheels allow him to move forward and backwards, and make a full 360 degree turn with ease.

The full-sized Minion MiP Turbo Dave is meant for children ages 8+ and is full of personality.  Rather than being controlled with a remote, you control it through an app and a Bluetooth connection.  With app pairing for robotic programming and AR experience through game play, it can be coded and speaks Minion.  It is the only full experience robotic Minion that brings the Minion world to life; it seriously speaks real Minion!  It is definitely geared for older children.  My older two have had a blast programming it together and playing with it.


  • Straight out of Gru’s lair, this motion-detecting, self-balancing henchman is ready to play. Get up to all kinds of mischief with your very own Minion MiP Turbo Dave from WowWee.
  • Packed with fun and games, this self-balancing robot speaks “MinioneseTM” the official Minion language, responds to clapping and hand gestures, and can be controlled from the Turbodave app on your compatible smartphone or tablet!
  • He even has his own Fart Blaster!

WowWee also makes robotics fun with their construction series.  You should have been a fly on the wall as the children were each trying to reason why they should be able to have the one(s) they wanted.  It was quite comical.  At the end of the day, they know house rules are we share, but of course they each wanted one of their own.

Botsquad – The dynamic duo that puts the fun in getting it done! With their bright LED eyes, over 50 funny phrases & sounds, and can-do attitude, no job is too big for the BotSquadTM.  GRiP and Joe Plow are hard-working members of the BotSquad who take on big jobs with a can-do attitude.

Joe Plow was claimed by Miss B and nothing was safe one she realized how cool it was.   Joe Plow says, “Let’s help a builder, charge ahead!” and quickly plows through what is in his way.  It didn’t take long for the children to start building towers to be knocked down.  He plows ahead, has a tow string to pull toys behind, can move forward and backwards and make 360 degree turns.

With J.P., you’d better move it or lose it. This pushy robot will plow stuff out of your way, and will also pull things that you hook to his tow.  Both bots come with a remote control and bricks they can move around. They are also Lego compatible.

GRiP is the companion robot to Joe Plow and does exactly what you might expect, he lifts things.  He makes cute robotic noises while you control his “arms” and let him assist you in picking things up.  He is a great worker to have on hand to clean up the mess Joe Plow leaves behind.

GRiP is a jack-of-all-trades who loves to grab stuff and haul it around for you.  You can also build into GRiP’s detachable truck bed with the included bricks.

The Botsquad has comparable features to competing products but at a more value price point.  The only RC robotic construction toy for juniors with real pulling and plowing action – not kid powered!  Full of personality, GRiP and Joe have different personalities, have fun on their own but work together to get the job done.  They’re unlike any construction or truck toy you’ve ever seen of their kind!

It’s a rule in our house to have screen free play daily.  We love it when we can blend the advances of technology with fun, interactive, creative play.  The kids are learning and exploring as they (quickly) try to figure out how to make their robots do what they want them to do.  They create new scenarios and pretend problems to solve.  They role play with the Minions and learn to play together.

I have been pleasantly surprised how well they work, even on carpet.  While I have had to watch my feet a few times, the fun times that have been had together with our WowWee robots have been priceless.  My only suggestion would be to invest in rechargeable batteries!  You’ll thank me later.

Which WowWee Robot would your little one enjoy the most?

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