Salad Kabobs – Edible Centerpieces

I love having natural beautiful centerpieces, edible centerpieces are even better.  I saw the idea of salad kabobs and thought how cute of an idea for a party!  Everything looks more delicious when it is displayed creatively so I thought maybe the kids coming for our spider party would be more eager to eat some of the veggies served this way.

These are so simple and you can customize it in any way you want, with any vegetables that you enjoy.  You could even add meats and cheese to make it more of a chef salad or caesar salad.    I don’t usually purchase iceberg lettuce but it works best to layer.  Simply cut into 1 1/2 inch chucks, wash and then insert your stick into the middle of the lettuce.  My suggestion would be to start and end with a firm vegetable to hold everything together.

We put just a few into each jar or you could even use a short vase.  To serve simply drizzle with dressing.  If you want to dress up your jars, wrap them with a ribbon or burlap.

5 thoughts on “Salad Kabobs – Edible Centerpieces”

  1. Genius! And so fun 🙂 I might have to use these for our ladybug lemonade party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. We’re trying to do away with the use of utensils and these are awesome.

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