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Life is unpredictable. Life can be so complicated. The roads of life can be long and bumpy, curvy and steep or straight and smooth. Anymore, I try to look at each new day as an adventure. Ordinary average days can turn into something magical in moments. I love being able to stay connected and capture those moments at the drop of a hat, usually with my phone.

Many of life’s special moments are momentary and sweet. We don’t want to be so caught up in the day-to-day that we are not able to get a glimpse of them, to capture them. I am guilty myself of missing some of those moments and have vowed that life is too short to be caught up in anything other than being in the moment with my children, with my family.

Have you ever lost your phone for a while or had it die and found yourself utterly lost? I have, many times. And while my phone can prove to be that source of distraction, it is also what allows me to capture many of those spontaneous special moments that quickly fly by.

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I love living close to many of my immediate family members, but we also have dear loved ones that live quite a distance from us. Staying connected to those friends and family members would be much more complicated and far less frequent without our smartphones. Being able to Skype and actually see each other brings us closer together and allows the children to feel like they are not as far away as they actually are.

When AT&T reached out to see if I would like to experience their prepaid GoPhone service, I was so excited! You see, even though we moved into what is considered “town”, we are still in a very rural area and AT&T service offers the best coverage options. Not only was I going to be able to try out their service, but they were also providing me my very first Windows based phone, a Nokia Lumia 635. I will admit, it has had its learning curves but I am starting to love it. Even the children have figured a few things out in the last few weeks, soon they will be showing me how to use it!

My take after using the AT&T GoPhone service for several weeks, do it! When we had contract phones, they were with AT&T. In our area, they hands down offer the best coverage options. It isn’t perfect, there are dead zones, but that is to be expected. Their coverage is still so far superior! When I am at home, I use the Wi-Fi on my phone, so even with all my social media work I do, I have yet to run out of my 4G data. With unlimited talk and texting, I don’t mind when I walk into the room and the kids have called Titi, Pappy or Nana Pam for the 5th time that day.

Oh, and the battery life on the Lumia is pretty amazing! I am still working our the kinks, but for a phone in this price-range, it is actually awesome. Does it compare to my S4? No, but I wouldn’t expect it to for the price. Was I very impressed at the quality and the features offered? Absolutely! Would I purchase the Lumia 635 if I needed a new smartphone on a budget? Of course!

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Okay, so now for some facts! I mean, changing cell phone providers is a pretty big deal, considering it is how we stay connected! So here are a few things to really consider looking at, aside from the fact that you will save money every month.

Five reasons to make the switch to AT&T GoPhone:

Staying in touch just got easier

For only $45 a month, you can get unlimited talk, text and data with 4GB at high-speed to keep your smartphone connected. For only $60, you can stay connected with friends and family in Mexico. Don’t need unlimited data? There are even plans that are perfect for you. You can see all the options by visiting the AT&T website.

They’ll have no excuse to call you back

Seriously, you are using the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network. You can even find out if you are covered by the AT&T 4G LTE network now

Because life is always changing

You can say that again! We don’t know what will happen from one day to the next and not being tied to a contract gives you the freedom to make adjustments whenever you need to. If you budget changes, you can easily change your monthly plan, piece of cake.

AT&T puts the “smart” in smartphone

GoPhones smartphones are offered in a wide variety of price points, from Android to Windows based. No matter which phone you choose, you can stay connected with the 4G LTE network. You can even share it with friends by using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Hand-Me-Downs are welcome

You don’t have to even purchase a new phone to make the leap and cut those ties with your contract plans. GoPhone is compatible with most phones, including iPhones. To start your service, you simply need to insert a GoPhone activated SIM card into your current phone. You can verify that your existing phone is compatible with AT&T GoPhone here.

Bottom line, I am so excited I was willing to give it a try! I will be continuing to use AT&T service! I don’t have to worry about the reliability and can continue to stat connected, to be in the moment and capture those magical moments.

Have you considered giving AT&T GoPhone a try?

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