Saving Money: Are Great Deals Always a Great Deal?

As any of us couponers know, we get a high when we snag a great deal!  I have learned that we also need to be objective shoppers though!  Just because an item is a great deal doesn’t mean it necessarily is a great deal for us.  
Sitting back this weekend after having a conversation with my sister we starting talking about great deals and accumulating “things”.   Even if things are great deals, “things” take time to clean, to store and then to get rid of.  We had a moving yard sale from her firm’s office and it really is quite a bit of work to get rid of “things” that have been accumulated.
Before I make a purchase, especially from a daily deal site that offers a different deal each and everyday, I ask myself:
  • Is this something I REALLY NEED or just a want?  
  • Is this something that will be used or sit on a shelf?  
  • If it is something that will only be used once or twice is it really worth it?  
  • Do I already own something that can fill this need?
  • Will I or my husband really wear it or will it just take up space?  
  • Will I really put this on my children and will they be comfortable in it?
Don’t get me wrong, if IT IS something that is a great deal that I KNOW we will use even down the road, it is worth purchasing at a great deal and hanging on to it until I need it.  I find if I wait to start looking for something I need until I need it, I pay much more for it.  I don’t like to pay full price for anything so things we use regularly I stock up on when I find them on sale or used.
I look for great deals for my children’s clothing for the next couple of sizes when everything is being cleaned out for the next season.  I don’t mind putting things up for the next season if I know IT IS something I will dress them in.  Even when I shop at second hand stores, I always look for the next couple of sizes up on clothing and shoes.  It really does save so much money!  
I have made several purchases on the daily deal sites because it fulfilled a need that I would have purchased otherwise eventually.  I love the daily deal sites and love finding clearance sales!  But even if something is clearanced, like an adorable clock I purchased at Target on sale for $6.24 from $29.99, is it really something I need?  In this case my son claimed the clock and it will be put up in his room but just because it is on sale if it is something I already own five of, do I really need another one even if it is only a dollar?  After all, a dollar is still a dollar! 

The point is, someone could go thousands of dollars in debt purchasing great deals!  I know this because I had a family member once tell me that she went tens of thousands of dollars in debt purchasing great deals.  

So before we spend our hard earned money lets make sure it is REALLY WORTH IT and we REALLY NEED it!   

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