Saving Money-Let’s Save Some Money by Foraging

Most of us are here reading blogs to be inspired and to save money!!!
One way that I have found to be a great way to save money and acquire produce & nuts is to forage!  Where I live in Arkansas pears are ripe and ready to be picked along with crab-apples.  Very soon the pecans will start to fall.  In a few afternoon outings you can gather enough produce or nuts to put up to last until the next harvest.  There is nothing like having your fresh produce that you preserved in the middle of winter.  This next week I will trying out several recipes to preserve pears in a variety of ways (I love to use pear sauce in place of applesauce in recipes)! 
Foraging just requires you to locate in the fruit in the wild or ask around.  We have friends that have pecans trees that allow us to gather until our heart is content!  As well as friends that allow us to pick blackberries in the summer.  Many times even in rural areas you can find homes that are no longer lived in that are full of produce that just falls to the ground.  With asking around and making a few phone calls, most owners will allow you to collect the fruit. Usually if the home is abandoned it is untreated with any chemicals and if found in the wild in will definitely be untreated!  Your friends can be the best resources, so start asking around! 
Here is a recipe that I made with pears that my lovely sister foraged for me!

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