Saying Goodbye Isn’t Easy….to my Crockpot!

I lost a dear friend this past week, that has always been loyal and true. My Crockpot was introduced to me almost 10 years ago when Bryan and I were married.  It was a gift some might have considered to be simple but after all, I am a simple person and was elated!

I loved being able to come home to a home cooked meal hot and ready, waiting in my Crockpot.

Although missing its knob, it worked faithfully.  I am so sad that this week, my ceramic insert cracked.  It was such a sad day.  Now I am on a mission to find a new friend to replace it with.  One that will be faithful for another ten years!

Do you share my love of my Crockpot?

13 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye Isn’t Easy….to my Crockpot!”

  1. I love my crock pots.. (notice the plural) 🙂 I have 3 or 4 sizes but I tend to use my largest most of the time and it lives in the kitchen while the rest live in the basement.
    I set mine on the stove top to cook and one of my kids melted the heating switch beyond repair so I had to get a new one. I got one with a timer on it & Im sooo glad.
    Its wonderful when I’ve been at work and a recipe should only go a certain amount of time, and then it clicks over to Keep Warm. Im loving that feature of mine.

    1. That is the large Rival Crock Pot with the timer settings and the two crocks that I have and talked about above. I forgot to mention that it clicks over to warm when the cooking time is done. Great Slow Cooker!

  2. Oh gosh 🙁 And right after black friday too! There are always great deals on Crock Pots on Black Friday. Hopefully you find a replacement soon. We had to replace ours last Christmas.

  3. Awww.. so sorry to hear about your loss! What a beauty, I love that classic design. My mom has one with a similar look that she has also had for an extremely long time. I have faith that you will find a new great pal for more years of great and easy cooking!

  4. Sorry to hear that the ceramic cracked. I have the same crockpot thats 33yrs old and still going strong. I would suggest getting the large Rival Crockpot with two ceramic inserts. I love mine that I was given a few years back. One of the ceramic inserts has a divider so that I can cook meat or a stew on one side while cooking fresh carrots, green beans, & other vegetables with just a lil water. I tend to use the second insert more that doesn’t have any divider. It is huge and holds a nice roast and makes a good amount of stew, that’s big enough for a large family or for left-overs. It also has 3 settings (push button) that I like as they are for a specific amount of time (4hrs, 6hrs,8hrs). All I have to do is decide how much time I have to cook the meal and then set it for that time. I actually don’t follow the recipes, but just pick the time that works into my schedule. Everything has always come out tender, cooked, and delicious. On another note, I would also recommed you pick up a cheeper smaller crockpot for soups and smaller meals. There was a great deal on black Friday at JCP. A Cooks crock pot (smaller style) was on sale for only $8. I’m not sure of the price now, but last year I bought this Cooks Crockpot for my son & he likes it and uses it alot. Happy Holiday and enjoy the newer Rival Crockpot & the smaller Cooks Slow Cooker!

    1. I am thinking about getting one with the settings; I think it would be great. Although since I have never had one, all of my recipes are just standard so I am sure I would be just as happy with a regular one too!

      1. You would like the settings. If you only have a short time to cook something you can set it to 4hrs and it will cook faster. Otherwise, you have to wait for another day when you can start the standard crockpot in the morning. It’s really worth the extra $$.

  5. We just recently had to buy a new crock pot… we needed a larger one since our family has grown since our first one. 🙂 Sorry to see your old faithful go in such a tragic way… but I am sure you can find a great new edition soon! HeeHee!

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