Homeschooling, School Supplies and Great Deals at Dollar Tree

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Thank-you to Dollar Tree for sponsoring today’s post about our homeschooling journey.

Now that we have several weeks under our belt with homeschooling I am starting to feel a bit more settled.  It is still quite challenging with a newborn in the mix and getting into a groove but we are chugging away. I am finding the work itself to be very easy but very time-consuming, hence less and more sparse blogging.

Although we hadn’t originally planned to, we decided to try the K12 program for kindergarten.  The K12 program is a charter program that is run by the public school system, so although we are homeschooling, we have very strict guidelines given to us in the terms of what needs to be accomplished and just how much.  The work we are finding to be rather simple, as a lot of it we have already covered, but there is a lot to accomplish.

dollar tree addie handwriting

Both children are LOVING it!  Addie is doing almost all the work right alongside her brother and loves school.  Last Sunday as we were sitting down to eat dinner it occurred to her, “Mommy, we didn’t do school today!  Can I do Math after dinner?”  Yes, both kids are usually ready to go.  Austin is ready to be challenged a bit more in some areas but is a trooper trying to “teach” his sister what he already knows.

With being in my last few weeks of pregnancy with the baby during all the back to school sales, I missed out on buying a few things I really wanted to find at a good deal.   Remembering that I had seen a big selection of school supplies at our local Dollar Tree, I decided I was finally ready to take all three kids on my first outing by myself.

School Supplies all for a Dollar

The kids were excited to be out and about and the baby, well she slept being tightly tucked away in my BabaSling the entire time we were in the store.  On our list of school supply items we were looking for handwriting paper, a numerical handwriting book for Addie, paper clocks with moveable hands, a magnifying glass and fun pencils.

Dollar tree store

With everything at the Dollar Tree store only being only $1, I knew that we would still be getting great deals!  I walked out of the store with 14 items and spent right at $15 so I was one happy Mama!

dollar tree addie handwriting2

We didn’t find a traditional numerical handwriting book for Addie but did find something even better, a dry erase one that can be used over and over again!  We have dry erase markers and crayons so it was perfect!  Now she has a book to work with when Austin works on his handwriting.

Dollar tree supplies desk

Although we have plenty of pencils, Austin picked out some “fun” pencils at the beginning of school and I had told Addie she could pick out some as well. She found Lisa Frank dolphin pencils that she fell in love with!  They had a huge selection of flash cards and although we already have many of them we decided to purchase a phonics set.

Reward stickers were on our list as well and they had a huge selection of stickers!  We didn’t end up with actual reward stickers as Addie picked out Dora stickers instead.  There are 8 sheets in a pack plus a sticker album; these would have easily cost $5 easily at the big box stores.

dollar tree austin math dice

And what was Austin’s favorite find?  Numerical dice!  Math is hands down his favorite subject right now, followed by geography.  He couldn’t wait to get home to work on math problems with his dice.  He quickly noticed there was not an equal sign on the dice so he improvised.

While we didn’t find out clock cut-outs we were looking for we did find many things at Dollar Tree that will help us on our homeschooling journey!

I love that my children have such a strong desire to learn!   My challenge is going to be trying to not let my busy schedule keep us from making our learning experience fun.

Are there certain items that you have found to make your learning journey more fun?

15 thoughts on “Homeschooling, School Supplies and Great Deals at Dollar Tree”

  1. I seriously love those dice! I’m going to have to check out our local Dollar Tree to see if they have those. We did get the writing notebook you have pictured there, and actually need another one. 🙂

  2. We LOVE the Dollar Tree for things like this – I ALWAYS stop by their “school” section when I’m there. For my kids, one of the keys to getting them excited about learning new things was to always have new supplies for them to practice and explore and discover.

    1. I agree! They so love to learn and I want to continue to make learning fun, they are super excited about the magnifying glass as they now have their own.

  3. Wow, those products look awesome! I kiinnnda want to run to Dollar Tree now and pick up these goodies for my almost 4 year old! Thank you so much for sharing what you got 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find the right balance for you schedule and homeschooling. Good luck, Mama!

    1. Thank-you! I am sure the balance will come, just waiting to find it all is challenging but we are starting to settle in. The kids are super early risers as is the baby so at least we are on similar schedules right now!

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