Seedling Updates

Today the children & I decided it was time to replant some of out tomato plants and plant a second round of seeds.  With Austin having such a high fever yesterday I decided we would make our mess indoors!  Crazy Mama, right?

So we replanted some of our Heirloom Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes, Organic Cherry Tomatoes and some Organic San Marzano Tomatoes.

Then we planted more seeds: Humbleseed’s-Tavera Green Beans, Marketmore Cucumbers, Washington Cherry Tomatoes; Baker Creek’s-Sugar Ann Peas; Seeds of Change’s-Cilantro, Basil, Shell Peas, Shasta Daisy and more Marigolds.

Here are pictures of some of our Humbleseed’s that we planted last week!  The peas are coming up nicely as well as the lettuce.

We planted some mini carrots & spinach in the hanging pots and they are coming up nicely as well.  With our weather in the 70s the last couple of days I have a huge itch to start planting!  Our last frost date here isn’t until April 2nd-5th, but I may just have to start early if the weather continues like this!

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