seedling.Wooden Family Toy Set from ImagineToys

Create a Wooden People Family

We started trying to cut out as many plastic toys as we could some time back.  My kids still love Legos and have some plastic toys but we really try to limit them.  I was so excited to receive this cool Seedling. set from  They have a huge selection of unique toys to fit a child of any age.  You can sort by age, theme or interest.  The shipping was incredibly fast, something that is always appreciated when you order a toy.

Austin was thrilled to open a box and it be for him!

We took out all the pieces to see what was included and they immediately claimed which person they wanted first.  Then picked out the combination of colors they wanted for the clothing.  This Seedling. set is a family of seven, the same size mine was growing up.  Other than needing scissors, it can with everything we would need for our project.  I liked that there was a variety of colors, patterns and even textures.  I choose to sew the dress for the Mama, but it could have been glued just as easily.

This set was for ages 4+ .  Addie of course enjoyed helping but they both needed help to cut and make clothing.  The picked out what they wanted and then we made an outfit for each.

The kids were very proud of the family they made and Austin especially since he drew their faces!  This is a great toy because it is hands-on fun that is also educational.  The clothes we choose not to glue on so we could make more outfits another day.  Overall I was very impressed with the service and selection that provided to us.  If you search wood they offer 200 wooden toy items. I even found a wooden baby activity gym that would be a perfect gift for an expectant Mama.  There are several brands that I will be checking out and will definitely be turning to for future purchases!

I was provided the above toy at no charge in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% those of myself and my family.

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