Seeds of Change Garden Starter Kit {Sponsor Spotlight #Honorearth}

Seeds of Change is a company that I fully respect.  They sell so many varieties of organic gardening seeds (many of which can now be found at your local Wal-Mart store).  To get children involved in gardening, they have designed these cute little Seeds of Change Garden Kits.  They have several varieties: Tomato, Cilantro/Basil, Carrots and Lettuce.

The kits include everything you need to start your little mini garden, a perfect size for your kiddos to begin with!  It includes two biodegradable planting pots, Seeds of Change organic basil and cilantro seeds, organic growing mix, recyclable windowsill tray, and a growing guide.

Here is Addie helping to plant the seeds (we really made a mess that day)!

So how are are little seeds doing?  Here is a photo of them two weeks after planting, shooting up great!

Do you live in or near Chicago?  To celebrate Earth Day, Seeds of Change is hosting an even: Sowing Millions, Growing Minds.  This event will be a hands-on gardening event at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago on April 24, right around Earth Day. The event will bring in local Chicago grade schools to have a hands-on experience with the new garden starter kits and other fun gardening activities.  Sounds like my kind of event!  To bad I am so far away!

Now if you can not make it to the event in Chicago, you still can win a Seeds of Change Garden Starter Kit right here!  Come back on April 12th to enter to win your very own garden starter kit!  To get a head start on the entries, leave a comment letting us know which kit you would like to try out!

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