Seeing Life Up Close with My First Lab

This post is sponsored by our brand partner My First Lab.  All opinions shared are my own.

As soon as Austin started learning, he had a strong desire to learn.  He wanted to know the details of how things worked, how things were put together, what made things work.  He had just turned three and we were driving down the road and he kept asking questions like, what else is the road made of other than rocks and asphalt?  What makes the tires spin?  What part of the engine keeps it running?

HIs mind was always churning and thinking about how things are built.  To that fact he loves building and coding.  He loves reading….but only when it involves non-fiction.  His favorite books are a Science Encyclopedia and books where he can learn.

This week we visited an University and he had the opportunity to visit the Planetary and Science Center with my husband to see the second largest meteorite to ever land on earth.  He was more than excited and was able to talk with the professor at the University who was astounded at just how much he knew about Science.  I can’t take any of the credit, other than providing him with the books and tools he needs to learn and thrive.

One of the tools he has been asking for is a microscope.  With a microscope he has the ability to examine things more closely, to see the fine details of what makes things up.  Since we were just starting out, we decided to try out the Duo-Scope™ Starter Kit from My First Lab.  It received a 2015 Product of the Year Award from Creative Child magazine.  It is a great beginners microscope that is simple to use.  It has a dual focus knob that allows your child to examine objects 10x their size and up to 400x magnification power.

You use the a top and bottom LED light to clearly see the slide.  There are a few preloaded slides that are provided for you to view and then empty slides for you to load.  After figuring out the eye pieces, Austin examined skin cells, a drop of blood and hair, then anything and everything he could find to take a look at.  It is amazing just how interesting things get when you examine them up close.

Already I can tell we will be moving up to one of the other models My First Lab makes.  The Duo-Scope™ is the most popular microscope sold on amazon! My First Lab created a proprietary lens coating that greatly improves clarity, a feature normally reserved only for expensive, professional-grade microscopes. Then they went one step further and created the WOW Scope™.  It allows kids to view 3D objects up to 25x its size.  Then there is the Smartphone Inspector that simply clips onto your phone and allows your Scientist to hover over anything and view it at up to 60X the magnification.  They truly make something for every parent’s budget!

If you have a budding Scientist on your hands, then I highly recommend the microscope series from My First Lab.  Let them see the world up close and make lots of amazing discoveries!


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