Taking Care of Ourselves as Moms

In today’s posts, I am sharing my thoughts on motherhood and that it is okay that we need self care moms!  This is a sponsored post, but all opinions shared are completely my own.

As moms, we are created to care for and nurture others. We are the caretaker and giver of love. For most, we would not have it any other way.

My days begin with the pitter patter of little feet.  More often than not my children are climbing into my bed before I am awake.  Those first few good morning cuddles are something I usually look forward to, unless they are at 2:30 in the morning.  We have to cherish those moments, because the days pass by so quickly and before we know it there are no more little ones crawling into bed for cuddles.

Moms are the nurses when little ones (and big ones) are sick.

We are bakers, cooks and chefs.  Many times, we are even short order cooks.  I say my children wear rose-colored glasses because they think I make the best of everything.

Even at the end of the hardest of days, I look back and still love being a mother.  It has its challenges, it definitely has days full of tears and emotion but at the end of each day I am every so thankful I am a mom.

Learning to Care for Me

My oldest child is only nine years old but the last several years I have learned, that no matter how hard I try, I cannot be a good mom unless I care for myself.

We typically spend all our time and energy caring for those who need us and forget that we need self-care, we NEED to care for ourselves.

For each of us, the meaning of self-care may mean something entirely different.  We are all unique individuals and we all need different things.

For some they may need a few hours a week to be alone, others want to spend time away from their families surrounded with friends.  Others may take a weekend away every so often.  Moms, it is your job to figure out what you need to give yourself!

My Moments

For those that know me, you know I have four beautiful vibrant children.  We homeschool and spend all our time together.  There is rarely a quiet moment to think.  I’ve adjusted but also learned in the last few years that throughout the day, if I don’t want to be a MomZilla, I need a few quiet moments to myself.

At first I thought I was being selfish.  My bigger children want the attention when the younger are laying down for nap times or it is my all out blitz time to work.  It goes by very quickly but I’ve learned to take a few of those moments for myself.

My newest indulgence since starting to eat a little dairy again is the new Oui French style yogurt by Yoplait.  If you have recently seen it appear on the shelf at Walmart, you might have seen it stands out a little.  It comes in these adorable glass pot, but that is part of the process of making it.  The French recipe calls for it to be cultured in the glass pot for eight hours and the result is a unique, thick and creamy textured yogurt.

I have always been a fan of yogurt, but this one is certainly different! It is made with simple ingredients, non-GMO whole milk and cultures, and then real fruit.  It is made in eight single serve flavors and none of them contain artificial flavors or colors, just real fruit, real non-GMO milk and cultures.

I have started taking a few breathing moments each day alone.  It doesn’t have to be many but ten or fifteen minutes on my back porch enjoying my afternoon treat, currently an Oui, and watching the simplicity of the wildlife in our backyard.  We have an abundance of squirrels and birds that seem almost care free.

Those few quiet moments that I take for myself make my world better.  It helps me prepare to handle my afternoon and the craziness that lurks around dinner time.  It seems simple, but in reality those few minutes to myself are my moments of self-care that I have come to realize I need.  It’s like a give myself a gentle hug, and who are we kidding, we need those!

Curious as to what “Oui” stands for?

It means yes! Say yes to taking care of yourself and giving yourself what you need to continue to rock being an awesome mom.

Then say yes to slowing down and trying the new “Oui” French style yogurt at Walmart.

What is one thing you do for yourself for your own self-care?


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