Setting Sail Aboard the Titanic in Branson Missouri

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As part of our partnership we received complimentary passes to the Titanic Museum in exchange for sharing our experiences with you.  All opinions shared are 100% my own.

The Titanic is nothing short of monumental.  History was made, so many lives were lost.  That one night lives were changed and the survivors would never be the same.  As a result of the outcome, so many things were evaluated and changed.  That day in history will never be forgotten.

Titanic sign

Hubby has always had a fascination with the Titanic and the history behind it.  When the Titanic Museum in Branson, MO opened, we were traveling to Branson often for Bryans’ work.   The Titanic Museum is very hard to miss on the main strip in Branson.  The first time we drove by, I knew where we would be going!

Our first visit was a very emotional visit for me.  Bryan was mesmerized.  I was amazed by the grand staircase and just how many artifacts had been recovered.

Titanic ship outside

Fast forward about seven years later and I had the opportunity to again visit but this time rather than with Bryan I was able to take the children.  We had seen the “big ship” on our previous trip and they wanted to visit then but we just didn’t have the time.  Truthfully, I was a little unsure of just how well they would handle it.  In order to prepare them of what we would be seeing, we spent some time explaining the history of what happened that night.  They were still very excited!  We were going to pretend to set sail so why shouldn’t they?

Titanic kids outside

Outside there were several good spots for photos but we snapped our photos very quickly as the temperatures were truly frigid!  The kids thought the iceberg in the front of the ship with the fountains was amazing but it was so cold they were content with taking a picture next to the iceberg on the side of the ship.  Just a note, indoors you are not able to take photos but there are photos opps towards the end of the journey.

Once you enter indoors you are given a passport, along with a handheld radio system.  This was so fun for the kids!  At each display there were numbers that you entered into the keypad that gave you specific information about that display.  There is a number for the adults and then a separate number for the children that simplifies the information.  My kids loved it and were very engaged throughout our visit as a result.

We were able to see the accommodations of the third class along with that of first class.  The difference between the two is astounding.  You can try to shovel coal into the fire to keep the ship moving and let me say, I can not imagine having that as a job day in and day out.  It was heavy!

The kids loved learning about the dogs aboard the ship, seeing the blueprints and replicas of pieces of the ship.  We learned that their was a rooster on board the ship (which of course the children loved)!

And the eggs!  Oh my, the eggs!

Take a guess on how many eggs you think were aboard the ship?


Try a whopping 40,000 eggs!!!  That is just an astounding amount that blew all our minds.

When the museum first opened there was a room dedicated to the Unsinkable Molly Brown.  I remember loving that room as I have fond memories of watching movies about Molly Brown with my Mother growing up.  It has since been moved to the Pigeon Forge location and replaced with the new tribute to the Titanic’s musicians.

With a large piano in the center, you have the chance to learn a little about each of the eight musicians aboard the ship.  We had the opportunity to visit with a crew member in the Musician’s room from Ireland.  He was so kind with the children and kneeled down to their level to converse with them.  The youngest musician was only 21 years old.  He was actually the only one with a family and a young child.

We were able to step out onto the deck at night, watch just how fast the ship actually filled with water.  You can actually walk or try to hold onto the deck as the slope changes every fifteen minutes before it sinks.  Austin loved the challenge of trying to climb up and hold on.

At the end of the journey you take your passport to find out if you were one of the survivors.  This was the emotional part for me my first trip as I had a young child that did not.  This time I was more prepared if I didn’t make it.  Out of our four passports, we all survived.

There really was so much more to share but I will save some for another trip as we WILL be going back with Hubby again in the near future.  There was so much detail put into how the museum is laid out, from the staterooms to the vast replica of the staircase,  you actually feel like you are right there on the Titanic!  Be sure to spend a few minutes to actually soak in what it would have felt like to be aboard the real ship.

If you live close to, or will be traveling to Branson, MO or Pigeon Forge, TN, then I would plan to spend a good part of the day exploring the artifacts, displays and history that the Titanic Museum has to offer.   The day after we visited, the children were already asking to return.  It was a great educational field trip that I know we will be repeating many times in the future.

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  1. Hi Everyone. Thank you to the Frugal Greenish Mama for reviewing our Titanic Museum Attraction. If you are a mom blogger with an established blog and can prove your social influence, contact me at! We would love for all of you to come visit us for Spring Break! Also, please visit our website education page where you can find Educational resources and curriculum to teach your children about Titanic before and after their visit.

  2. We went to the exhibit in Las Vegas last summer and we all really enjoyed the exhibit. My husband was the only one that’s survived the sinking {according to our passports}! My 11 year old is a huge Titanic fan, although that’s the wrong word, she just loves learning about it and this made it all come to life.

    1. This exhibit is amazing and totally makes it real for adults & kids alike. Adults could spend an entire day there if they didn’t have littles 🙂

  3. Wow, I had no idea this even existed! My Nana has visited Branson several times, but she never told me about this. I guess she’s been holding out on me! I will have to ask her if she ever toured this.

  4. I haven’t been to the Missouri one yet, but I visited the museum in Pigeon Forge in 2012. It was completely heartbreaking and so educational all at once!

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