Sharing Family Moments that Are Memories!

This walk down memory lane is brought to you by YesVideo. All opinions and memories shared are my own!
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It is crazy to think that in March of this coming year it will have been twelve years since I married my best friend and began this journey with Bryan side by side.

There are days that it seems like only yesterday, and other days like he has been a part of my life forever.  Life is a journey, one that I couldn’t imagine sharing with anyone else.

We often find ourselves reminiscing with old photos and occasionally family videos.  The children love to look through our photo albums and photo draws and find pictures they want us to tell them about.  They love hearing about when we were little, when they were little, when Nana was here…  They love putting a story with the photograph.

Each year on our anniversary, we pull out our wedding video.  Yep, my husband sits through it, he actually started it!  But I am old enough that our wedding was taped with a VHS tape.  It isn’t good quality, but we wanted to preserve the memories so we would have them to share.  Of course marrying Bryan was the highlight of the day, but watching the video helps me to be able to see the little moments that I may have missed.  I love seeing our nerves settle during the photos, my parents dancing together, my Granny dance alongside all the kids, the children that have since grown into beautiful adults…. all the beautiful memories.

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Now that our video has been archived online and on DVD, I know that we have many more years of reliving those moments.

Fast Forward…..

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Today, we have been blessed to have been entrusted with three amazing children. I can’t imagine what life would be like without each and every one of them!  They have such unique personalities but seem to almost be intertwine at their core.

There are so many memories we have made and will forever cherish and yet so many more memories to make!  Being able to watch them allows us to relive them over and over again.  We have vowed to pull out our camcorder more often so that we don’t just have still photos of our memories but also are able to relive them!  There is just something about watching that giggle over seeing it in a photo!

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    1. My two oldest were very young when we lost my mother too. It is so great for them to be able to see her (me too!) in the video!

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