Sharing Our Life: Homesteading Update

It has been a little crazy and I am behind in giving you an update as to what has been going on here at our little(wanna be homestead).  Here is a run down of the last few weeks:

Austin put together this really simple raised bed kit we picked up to try out at Home Depot.  It wasn’t what I thought it would be but he was so excited that he was able to build it, I decided it was worth the $20 we paid.Austin was so proud of himself and Addie was pretty excited too!  Now to move it to where we will be planting it!

Here is the second one being assembled.  We later planted Humbleseed’s  Cucumbers!

My potatoes in the garbage cans have doubled in size!

My potatoes in my raised bed have gotten away from me and need more straw!  I will update you as to how we have handled this soon!

Our tomatoes are also doing very well in our homemade cages.

We picked wild blackberries (dewberries) with our cousins!

We ended up with these beautiful berries that someone couldn’t keep his hands off of long enough for me to take a picture!

We also picked strawberries over the weekend but that will be in another post with an awesome giveaway!  Check back tomorrow for that post.

Our chicks are growing like crazy and the kids love them just as much as they did the day we brought them home.

Shadow is the smallest of the brood but oh so cute with the fuzzy legs and feet.  Austin’s favorite!

I also picked 5 gallons of green beans on Saturday evening and canned some of the strawberries into jam and canned green beans Sunday and Monday.   There are a total of 26 half-pints of strawberry jelly, 14 quarts of green beans and 8 pints of green beans.  Look at the beautiful jars ready to be added to our pantry!

So what have you been up to?  Did you have special plans over the long weekend?



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