Sharing Our Lives: Baby Chicks Update!

Back on September 16th we were surprised when one of our hens returned home with 8 new baby chicks.  We have made it three full weeks and they are all doing great!  She is a great new Mama.  I just can’t believe how much they have grown!

At two weeks they were starting to really show a variety of colors.  They were black, reddish and even two with lighter yellow colors.

It is no surprise that my children love them!  Addie was the recipient of some droppings so she loves them right now from a little distance.

They are growing and changing it seems like almost daily.  This week their little tail feathers started developing.   Austin was happy to show off his favorite’s little feathers.

At three weeks they look so different and are really developing beautiful feathers!  They love to perch on hubby.

At week three several are starting to develop crest feathers (if that is what you call them?).  Their father is a beautiful but very feisty Polish Crested Rooster.    I don’t have a great up close picture of him and since it is raining will try to update with one but he is this type of rooster he is but his crest is more golden than white.Polish chicken 01All eight are doing well and I love for the children to be able to watch and interact with the babies.  As with all animals, hygiene is very important.  When you handle baby chicks or any other animal, be sure you are teaching your children not only how to care for the animals but also how to properly take care of themselves with a thorough hand-washing routine.

There is so much to learn from raising baby chicks.  Have you ever raised baby chickens? 


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