Sharing Our Lives: Baby Chicks!

Wednesday I posted a picture of one of our beautiful hens, Cocoa Mama.  She was named after Addie’s love of chocolate and her deep, rich colors.

When we went away in August for our vacation we had two brothers stay at our house.  While we love our animals, I explained that if something happened to them while we were away, it would be okay and not to worry.  When we returned home late at night after we got the children in the house, I noticed the door was open where we were keeping the chickens and not one was inside.  My heart sank.  All but two chickens we have raised from day old chicks so we are rather attached.  Austin couldn’t wait to check on his favorite, a young black silky rooster named Shadow.  What was I going to tell the children?

Hubby went outside and within a minute or two was back in with a smile.  They were roosting in a tree above the pigs!  I went outside and we found all but one, Cocoa Mama.  Although I was sad she was gone, my heart was overjoyed at finding out all the others were still alive, including Shadow!

Our rooster, Alaska is the spunky one on the right with several of our hens.  They are all interested in checking out our new additions.  Chickens can seriously be noisy.

Fast forward three weeks later…

Sunday we came home from attending our meeting and there she was!  Cocoa Mama was sitting on a rock right in the back yard!  We hadn’t seen her in three weeks and the coyotes have been pretty active in the area lately, I was floored.

The kids and I were inside and again, Bryan came in with a big smile on his face.  She hadn’t returned alone, she had chicks!  We were totally shocked, she had to have been laying somewhere, but we hadn’t seen her for over three weeks.

Bryan gently lifted her up as we could hear there was more than one chick for sure, to our surprise there were eight baby chicks!  She was one proud Mama.

The children were beyond excited, although we have raised day old chicks, this was our first time with a hen laying and hatching her own at our house.  She allowed them a few minutes to roam the yard and then quickly gathered them into her.  It is amazing how their instincts are to protect and care for their babies.

We are so happy to have her back and she truly deserves her name, Cocoa Mama now!


13 thoughts on “Sharing Our Lives: Baby Chicks!”

  1. How adorable! I remember when you first posted the picture and I could have swore I saw some little baby chicken legs under there. Glad everything worked out.

  2. With a chick chick here, and a chick chick there…….(lol)
    You mean Addie doesnt have new residents for her Dollhouse (you posted before/tested)….. that would be cute!

  3. I love your chickens. I miss mine. We had some egg layers a few years back but had to sell them when we sold our house. Now that we live in a subdivison chickens are out of the question.

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