Sharing Our Lives-Homestead Update 7/10/12

Another packed week full of activity at our house has flown by.  We made a day trip to Memphis for one day of a three day convention we will be attending later next month.  Despite leaving in the twilight and the long drive the kids were very happy and we had a great day!

The window quickly became everyone’s favorite spot during the lunch intermission.  The kids were with their cousins and one the met and adopted while there, so all was good in their lives.  I think they loved being able to see the large bridge and watching all the different vehicles coming off the bridge.

The girls giggled together about something the almost three year old’s thought was funny.

I also was very productive with 12 dozen ears of corn on the cob that I had to take care of.  After I froze about 3 dozen, gave some to my Father and Sister, and we ate it for several dinners, I decided to start canning.

I ended up with four canning batches and in the end have 32 Pints and 4-1 1/2 pints.  We will enjoy them this winter.

Those were some highlights from our week.  Now that we have been to Memphis the kids are talking about going to see SuperWhy Live on July 22nd in Memphis, TN.

What did you and your family do last week?

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