Sharing Our Lives: Homestead Update

I shared with you that Hubby surprised me, as a gift and purchased two piglets, which I truly have wanted for some time.  The problem was, we were not exactly ready.  We are in the process of moving the chickens and well now we had two pigs in the mix.  I was very excited and they are doing quite well.  They love to eat, that is for sure ; I can truly see where the term PIG comes from 🙂

You would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at our house on Saturday evening.  We have chased and corralled chickens before but I would have never thought I would be trying to catch a pig!  Pork Chop (the spotted one) got loose while I was watering them and she was having a hay day trying to find food.  Just the kids and I were outside so Austin ran to get Hubby but she didn’t go far.  She had no intentions of running off, she just was looking for food.  When Bryan came out, I ran in to collect what food I could grab to entice her back in.  She is a little skid-dish to begin with and would almost come to you but if you were to reach your hand out, she ran.

After maybe 20 minutes or so, Hubby was fast enough to grab her quickly.  I so wished I had filmed it, it truly was hilarious!  They are now sharing the area with the chicks until we are able to get there fencing up where we want to place them permanently.  We are re-purposing almost all of the materials and the house is in need of repair, but works great for now.

The children love the pigs.  Tonight Austin and Addie climbed in the pen with Daddy and fed them.  They dump everything out right now and the kids love how they snort as they are looking through the feed to find the leftovers we are giving them.  They giggle each and every time, it is so cute.  Addie has her own snort down all too well and thinks it is just as funny as the pigs.  She giggles so hard at herself, you can’t help but laugh.  I love that once one gets going with laughter, the other follows shortly!

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