Sharing Our Lives: Homesteading Update

It is so amazing to me how fast the time truly does fly by.  This week I don’t feel that I really accomplished much as I worked extra days but there were a few great things that happened this week!

We had our small Healthy Child Healthy World Party that went really well (I will share an entire post about this later in the week).  That day, Hubby gifted the children with a new bunny!  She is a female New Zeland so we now have a female and male pair.  Here are the girls (Addie with her cousin) meeting the bunny for the first time.  She is so cute.

We also went to pick peaches and plums at my Father’s house.  The kids had so much fun being on the ladder to pluck the ripe peaches.

Austin enjoyed that all the chickens quickly rushed under the tree, waiting for a peach to be dropped.  We came home with about 4 gallons combined that will need to be canned.

Hubby also built me one more raised bed over the weekend with reclaimed wood, which I am so excited about!  I can’t wait to get it planted and start to watch it grow!

That was a short re-cap of our week, did you accomplish something on your list this week?  I would love to hear about it!

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